Monday, January 24, 2011

What's New on the SFR Brigade Web Site?

We done a bit of remodeling on the SFR Brigade web site!

The "About Us" and "History" pages have now been moved under the Home page as subpages.  You can still see and access them by clicking on the Home page link at the top of the site where you'll see them listed as sublinks. The adjustments have helped de-clutter the top link bar.

New page!  Under the "Members" link, we've created a "Regions" page so members can see other Brigaders according to their area, what organizations they belong to, what their interests are, and what events they may be attending.  This is a work in progress, so if you haven't yet checked into the REGIONAL ROLL CALL forum thread, please add your information and we'll include you on the Regional page when we do the next update.

There are several active threads on the SFR Brigade web site forums including:

Brenda Novak Auction: An Opportunity for the Brigade?

Is Your SciFi/Fantasy Available on Kindle?

RomCon 2011 - Denver

Come join the discussions or start your own thread with a new topic.  Everyone is welcome.

On the News page, we have a Report on the Australian Disaster by Kylie Griffin

Should we also raise the subject of sponsoring a Cover Art Contest again?

Please feel free to add your comments to these news topics.

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