Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hailing On All Frequencies (for the last time?)

New Members
Welcome Aboard! to our new Brigade members:



Stephanie Priestley

If any of our new members would like to swap out their site name for a pen name on our Brigade Member roster, just email me at Lgreen2162 (at) aol (dot) com. I can also link your name to a blog or web site if you include the web address.

If I missed anyone, please let me know so I can include you in our next posting.

Blog Author Slots Open

Would you like to be a SFR Brigade blog author?  We have several slots now available for anyone who would like to post an article, interview, notice, series, (etc.) at least once a month.  Please email me at Lgreen2162 (at) aol (dot) com, in the usual email format and I'll send you an invitation through Blogspot.

Time to Spiff the Roster

Please check the Brigade Member roster on the sidebar.  If you would like your user name changed (such as to your pen name) and/or your current blog or web site linked to your name, please drop me a line.  If you're a member of the SFR Brigade web site, but aren't listed on the sidebar, please let me know and we'll get you added at FTL speed!

Understanding Twitter

Like to try Twitter but don't know the first thing about it?  Have a Twitter account and have already written a few tweets, but are still baffled by the whole concept?  Then be sure to check out this detailed article on the basics by Jamie Michele of the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood (2009 Golden Heart finalists) blog, Nine Steps to Understanding Twitter.  It addresses some of the mystifying elements like hashtags, retweets and tweetstreams, and offers useful tips on how to get started or use Twitter more effectively.

Six Sentence Sunday

This will be my third week participating in a fun writing exercise, Six Sentence Sunday, the brainchild of fellow Brigader Sara Brookes.  Each participant posts six sentences from a published story or work in progress for others to read and write comments.  The submissions give each reader a sense of the writer's voice, style, conflict and/or plot, from a variety of genres and subgenres including Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary, Historical and Science Fiction Romance.  (Warning:  As a result of SSS, I've already added five books to my TBA and TBR list.)  Interested in participating?  Write your post and register today (there is a deadline).  Just want to read along and see what it's all about?  Pour yourself a cup of coffee Sunday morning. You can check it out here:  Six Sunday

Promotion Opportunity

Brigade member LindsayB has posted a notice that may be of interest to published members on the SFR Brigade web site forums: Is Your SciFi/Fantasy Romance Available on Kindle?  Contact her about plugging your book on the Kindle Geeks blog. Click the link to read or reply to the post.

Brenda Novak Online Auction for Diabetes Research

Would our members be interested in putting together a category of SFR books or related products to offer for the upcoming Brenda Novak auction?  This is not only a great way to donate to a wonderful worthy cause, but also to get your book and your name in front of thousands of participants.  Several members have expressed an interest, but we need more to consider sponsoring a category.  Please contact me or enter your comments on the SFR Brigade web site forum thread here:  Brenda Novak Auction

Hail and Farewell to HOAF

Sadly, we've had no member or members step forward to assume the communication officer duties and this will be the last Hailing On All Frequencies post.  (If you're interested, it's not too late!)

Three cheers to Kylie Griffin for her dedication, time and effort in creating and sponsoring the HOAF series for these past many months.

I will continue to post individual announcements, news or notices for those who do not have blog author priviledges. Please contact me if you'd like information posted on your new releases, sales, contest wins, achievements, links to articles on your blog, and any other related news or information.  The web site is also available for members to post notices on the forums.


  1. Laurie, thanks so much for posting the last few runs of HOAF - I've enjoyed taking the back seat and just reading them (*grin*).

    Great job!

  2. Thanks for doing this, Laurie! So sorry no one has come forward.


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