Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Helpful Links

Thought these writing links might come in handy. Most are my genre orientated (f/f/p romance) but there are a smattering of general sites.

Agents/Editors (for researching information)
Agent Query -
AuthorAdvance -
Literary Agent Verification -
Preditors and Editors -

Miscellaneous Sites
Time and -
Australian War Memorial:Military Organisation and Structure -
IRS:Tax Identification Numbers for the USA information -,,id=96696,00.html

Writing Related
Brenda Hiatt's Show Me the Money -
Dictionary of Sexual Terms and Expressions -
Gordian Plot:thesaurus technique for writers -
Great Source iwrite - Grammar -
The Perfect Pitch -
Publishers Weekly -
Stephanie Smith's Contest Chart for Writers -
When An Agent Offers You Representation -
Write to Done -

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America -
RWA:Fantasy/Futuristic/Paranormal Chapter -
ParaNormal Romance -
Romance Writers of America -
Romance Writers of Australia -
Romance Writers of  New Zealand -
Australian Romance Readers Association -

Submission Guidelines
Avon -
Dorchester -
e-Harlequin -
Hachette Australia -
Orbit -
Tor -

Web Design
Free Images for Websites -
Free Fantasy Design artwork for Websites -
Free Web Counters -
The Three Bears Method -

(All links are current as of 23rd Dec.2010)

NB. Author's comment - all sites listed are intended to help writers with their research or as helpful links only - not promotion of any particular site.


  1. These are great! Thanks so much. I knew about some of these sites, but I'm going to check out the rest.

  2. Great links, Kylie, thanks so much!

  3. Some great links here, Kylie. Thanks so much.

    I'll link to this on the sidebar so it's available for reference.

  4. Glad to see some of these will be useful *grin*.

    FYI, on the 29th Jan. I'm posting a set of SFR blogsites links on my blog.


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