Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blog Hoppin'

Our very talented band of writers offers up a pool of blogs at least a hundred strong, and perusing the many articles can be both amusing and thought-provoking. Just a few are listed on the Bases of Operation on the sidebar, in order of newest to oldest post. 

Here's just a smattering of posts in the last 48 hours, a virtual sampler platter:

Barbara Elsborg blogs on The Power of Love
What makes you sigh?  What makes you cry?  What movies have summoned your deepest emotions?  This talented author shares her feelings on the most powerful force in the galaxy.

Spacefreighters Lounge blogs on The Tomboys of Romance
In my years talking to a variety of SFR writers and authors, I've noticed a definite pattern emerging.  Do you fit the profile of The Tomboys of Romance?

Shelley Munro's Taste of Kiwi blog The Case of the Mysterious Ears
The universe is a strange place with all sorts of unexplained mysteries.  This is a case in point, though it's much more cute and amusing than disturbing.  (By the way, Shelley has a warning at the top of her blog:  "An Unladylike Topic Ahead."  I'm betting Shelley just might fit the Tomboys of Romance profile.)

Misa Buckley posts Twenty Five Years On
Like many Brigaders have done since yesterday, Misa offers a tribute to the Challenger crew.

If  you're a Brigader, we'd be happy to add your blog to the Bases of Operation listing.  Just drop me an email at Lgreen2162 (at) aol (dot) com--in the usual email format--with a link to your blog and "Add to BoO". (Note: Not all blog addresses are compatible with the gadget, but we've found that most are.)


  1. I am a regular commenter on some of these blogs, but I need to do more visiting to others. Also we could link each other's blogs to our own. The said blog link will show when someone has posted, thus we can then easily visit and comment in a timely fashion.

    Let's all support other SFR Brigader blogs, I say.

  2. I agree, Kaye! I hope we can continue to add to our Bases of Operations blog listing so a variety of blogs are available to Brigaders at a glance and a click.

    I'm also looking into the idea of doing a blog "hyperspace loop," where a succession of blogs is linked in a round robin system and readers can click a standard icon on each blog to transport to the next on the loop until they arrive back at the start. (So they can hop on the loop at any point and still hit every blog.)

    I think this would have to be limited to no more than a dozen blogs though, or the loop would be too ungainly.

    Anyway, that's one idea. :)

  3. It's a good one I say. Maybe there could several 'hyperspace loops' with Brigader blogs? An idea to ponder anyway.

  4. I'd love to see something like that. I'm slowly going through and following those I can so they'll get on my blog roll...but it's takig a while and I can't connect to them all.

  5. hyberspace blog loops? That'd be a cool stream of data that any techno whiz would love. Mr Universe--meet Laurie, our sci-fi blog pioneer.

  6. LOL - thanks for including my blog in your post. I love to visit new blogs and blog hop when I have a chance.

  7. My biggest problem with blog hopping is time! One morning I realized I'd spent TWO hours reading and commenting! And not writing! For now, I am limiting myself to SFR Brigade and Galaxy Express. When the book is done, then I can hop a bit. (wry grin)

    I did try an experiment with my novella release. Instead of trying to get people to my blog, I did several guest blogs. Have to wait to see my royalty statement to see if it made a difference, but it felt a lot less stressful to do some targeted blogs. I may shut down my personal blogs all together.


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