Friday, January 14, 2011

Predators and Editors Readers' Choice

The Predator's and Editor's Readers' Poll is up, and I sure would appreciate your vote for Pandora's Hope. Here is the link. Lust in Space, the first novel to the series, came in the top 10 last year and I would love to see Pandora's Hope follow suit. Help give me a reason to celebrate, friends.

My thanks!


  1. Since I'm not in that category, I can vote for you, Lisa.

    I'm in SF novels, romance novels, childrens, YA, and SF short story.

    If anybody is not up against me, I'd appreciate the vote as well.

    Marva Dasef
    Ultimate Duty - SF and R
    Quest for the Simurgh - Children/YA
    Eagle Quest Children
    First Duty - YA
    Poor Little Rich Girl - SF Short

  2. I already voted for Arlene. and Marva in several categories, but I didn't see your novel when I voted, Lisa. Are books added as the poll continues?

    I'll go take a look and see if I've already voted in your category.

  3. Thanks, guys. Marva, you can count on my votes!


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