Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

The SFR Brigade Year in Review

As we close out the 2010 year of operation as a SFR community, it's time to take a look back at the parsecs we've covered since our launch in March of this year. 

03-18-10  Launch of the SFR Brigade website.

03-25-10  Announcement of Brigade member Sharon Lynn Fisher being a Golden Heart Finalist. Kylie Griffin, another finalist, will join the Brigade later. 

03-28-10  Igniting the Main Engines and Ready, Stormtroopers? post explains the community concept and puts out a call for volunteers to man the stations.

03-30-10  Our first Twitter Blast and Incoming Transmissions news feature (which would later evolve into the HOAF "Hailing On All Frequencies" info posts managed by Kylie Griffin).

04-01-10  A Twitter Palooza: No Foolin'! features our first book giveaway as Jennifer Leeland offers all three e-books in her Command series-- TAKING COMMAND, RESISTING COMMAND and REGAINING COMMAND as well as her MARKED FOR PLEASURE and Jodi Redford's TAKING LIBERTY.

04-01-10  Our inaugural Book Tagging Party is hosted by Laurie Green

04-03-10  First week recap.  We have 43 members!

04-05-10  We meet our first goal of 50 members!

04-06-10  Our Inaugural Book Launch Party for BLAZE OF GLORY by Sheryl Nantus.

04-10-10  We have 73 members! Sandra Stixrude assumes the Tag Party Coordinator, and five Officer on Deck volunteers help man the brigade--Kaye Manro, Leslie Dow, Liana Brooks, L. L. Rosser, and Vicky Burkholder. 

04-14-10  We now have 83 members!

04-15-10  Linnea Sinclair employs her graphic artist talents to create a series of SFR Brigade banners for our title bars and footers. 

04-18-10  Donna S. Frelick conducts a comprehensive interview with Linnea Sinclair and the author sponsors a three book giveaway.

04-19-10  Our Shiela Contest finalists--Sharon Lynn Fisher and Kylie Short (Griffin) are announced.

04-23-10  We Have an Icon!  The SFR Brigade unveils its brand new shiny icon designed by the very talented cover artist Kanaxa (aka Brigade member Nathalie Grey).

04-25-10  The SFR Brigade has 93 members! Our first shipment of pins has arrived just in time to send out to Jess Granger for the RT Booklovers Convention.

04-30-10  April is our busiest SFR Brigade blog month with 104 posts!

05-02-10  The SFR Brigade launches a web site.  The blog is almost at capacity with just under 100 members.

05-03-10  Brigader Katherine Allred announces her upcoming release CLOSE CONTACT has been selected as an RT Book Reviews Top Pick!

05-03-10  Special Report: A Nightmare in Nashville.  The city of Nashville, Tennessee floods including the Opryland Hotel where the RWA National Conference is scheduled for July.

05-06-10  Laurel Wanrow is announced as a Daphne finalist.

05-16-10 Book Launch Party and giveaway for FORBIDDEN LOVE by Kaye Manro.

05-17-10  Publishers Showcase for Devine Destinies and Samhain Publishing.

05-18-10  Publishers Showcase for Carina Press, Interview with Carina Press Editor Deborah Nemeth.

05-19-10 Publisher Showcase for Ellora's Cave and Liquid Silver Books.

05-20-10 Publishers Showcase for Red Rose Press and Lyrical Press.

05-21-10 Publishers Showcase for Shadowfire Press and Mundania.

05-24-10  Kylie Griffin assumes hosting the Hailing On All Frequency (HOAF) news series.

05-27-10  The SFR Brigade has four PRISM finalists!  Novella category : Ella Drake - FIRESTORM ON E'TERRA. Futuristic category:  Kathy Allred - CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Jess Granger - BEYOND THE RAIN, Linnea Sinclair - HOPE'S FOLLY.

05-30-10  May is our 2nd busiest blog month with 83 posts!

06-08-10 Book Launch Party for CLOSE CONTACT by Katherine Allred.

06-10-10  Jaleta Clegg launches her Best Day Job in the Universe series of weekly articles.  Working at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center The Joy of TeachingNot Today; The Power of Imagination; Last Post.

06-18-10  SFR Brigade hosts the Space Invaders game as a weekend activity on the web site.

06-20-10  SFR Brigade launches a Store on Zazzle.

07-19-10  Book Launch Party for SILVER SERENADE by Nancy J. Cohen.

07-28-10 through 07-31-10  Brigaders attend the 30th Annual RWA National Conference held in Orlando, Florida, including Charlie Allden (Cheryl Alldredge), Ella Drake, Sharon Lynn Fisher, Donna S. Frelick, Jess Granger, Laurie Green, Kylie Griffin, J. C. Hay, Darynda Jones, Lizzie Newel, Lisa Paitz Spindler, Sarah Shade, Karin Shah, and Laurel Wanrow.

08-01-10  Announcement of Decadent Press digital publisher launch.

08-04-10  Frances Pauli reports on being the SFR Brigade Spocon Ambassador (Spokane, Washington)

08-05-10  Kylie Griffin posts a recap: SFR Brigaders Invade RWA 2010

08-06-10  Announcement Dorchester drops mass market for POD, e-book format.

08-09-10  Book Launch Party for WILD CARDS AND IRON HORSES by Sheryl Nantus.

08-14-10  D.L. Jackson announces UK independent press Young Rebel Publications is open for submissions.

08-27-10  A. R. Norris hosts a Publishers Showcase for Desert Breeze Publishing.

09-01-10  Brigaders Pauline Baird Jones and Frances Pauli assume the Briefing Officer/Welcoming Committee duties for new members.

09-13-10  Donna S. Frelick wins a Buffy Award after a win in the TARA Contest, Paranormal category with her SFR WIP, Unchained Memory.

10-01-10  ENEMY WITHIN by Brigader Marcella Burnard is an RT Top Pick!

10-30-10  Book Tagging Results reported.

11-01-10  Our EPIC Award Finalists announced.

11-03-10  Brigader nominees for 2010 RT Book Reviews Awards announced.

12-01-10  Carina Press is named Most SFR Friendly E-Publisher after a poll on SFR Brigade.

12-20-10  The SFR Brigade one of the blog hosts for the Second Annual SFR Holiday Blitz.

12-31-10  The SFR Brigade now has 172 members on the blog and/or web site, and 110 followers.

Here's to a very productive and successful 2011!


  1. Wow. We were busy little space monkeys, weren't we?

  2. Yup...crazy space monkeys loose in the engine room.

    May the enthusiasm be with us. :)

  3. Not bad for less than 12 months in space.

    Here's to our 2011 achievements exceeding the many in 2010.

  4. Wow, great list, Laurie! Busy space monkeys indeed.


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