Saturday, July 10, 2010

Space Slugs Party

One year ago, in the far, far corner of the blogosphere...

A story was born. It involved space--and mollusks. A Xenobiologist, a harlot and an android walk into a bar. Or something like that. The point is, there's a birthday to be had, and I'm old enough to believe the only reason to bother with birthdays is for the party and the presents. Nod along with me here.

This is your invitation to the party. Difficult to tell?
Wait! Here it is:


Space Slugs will be one year old on Sat. July 10th. In celebration, I'm holding an all day facebook party at: My Facebook Page

There will be sneak peeks at upcoming episodes, favorite quotes, and on the hour trivia questions with FABULOUS PRIZES.....

okay, they're only sort of fabulous, but fun and campy prizes. :-D

Stop by for some super silly space action and trivia lunacy.

Frances Pauli


  1. Space slugs and campy anything? What's not to love? : )

  2. Great idea and sounds like quite a fun party.

    I still grin every time I see the title Space Slugs. :)

  3. Thanks,
    it's turning into a fun little party. :-)


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