Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Tag Party for 7/22/10!

So I'm sitting at my desk today with my buddy Finn the pooka and my cats, who are in reality quantum space engineers from the planet Prrruh, and they reminded me it's time for-- THE TAG PARTY!

Here's the thing about tags. The more times a tag 'vote' is added, the farther up in Amazon's search lists the book lands. More tags = more visibility. And we all know what that means. (Yes, yes, besides having to duck into the nearest weapons' locker to escape your fans.)

A brief step by step if you're a virgin tagger:
  • Go to the Amazon buy page (I've included the links below)
  • Scroll down to the Tags Customers Associate with this Product header
  • Look for these tags: SFR, Scifi Romance, SF Romance, Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance - please feel free to add any extra tags you feel are appropriate to the work (i.e. Space Opera, Military SF, etc.)
  • If the tags are already there, just click on them to add your 'vote'
  • If not, type them into the 'your tags' box to add them (no need to save the page, just type and add)
Upset that you missed past Tag Parties? Don't be! The party never ends! For a list of past Tag Party books, come on over to the Book Launch and Tag Party Books page. Tag to your heart's content!

The Key by Pauline Baird Jones

In Enemy Hands by K S Augustin

Beyond the Shadows by Jess Granger

Wild Cards and Iron Horses by Sheryl Nantus

Tag, tag, tag! It makes the kitties happy and helps your fellow SFR authors! If you would like your book or another member's book featured, please drop me a line at (Otherwise we have to rely on Finn, who can't read, and me, who everyone knows is cracked.)


  1. I did my tagging (and thanks for including The key!)

  2. Done! And I also tagged the other versions of these.

  3. You're very welcome, Pauline - and thank you, Anna! So proactive :)

  4. Yea! I love tagging. Another great line-up. :)


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