Saturday, July 17, 2010

SUGAR RUSH to be Published by Decadent

Here's the official announcment-
It's Young Adult SFR, but present day and Earth-bound.  Although, Alaska might as well be another planet sometimes!
I'm just now coming to terms with my happy state of shock and am gathering together in my head everything I need to do.


  1. Whoohoooo! Congratulations!!!! That is so totally awesome!

  2. Greetings Fellow Alaskan.
    Intriguing. Tell us more. Is Sugar Rush set in Alaska? How does it include science fiction?

  3. Congrats again, Kimber An. Such great news!

  4. How wonderful, Kimber An. The cover is spectacular. I look forward to your release date. Congratulations!!!

  5. Congrats!

    Am I the only one who thinks the girl on the cover looks like the Doctor's current companion?

  6. Thank you!

    Yes, SUGAR RUSH is set in Alaska. The isolation of a small town here is essential to the plot.

    The Hero is convinced the bad guys are vampires, but the Heroine is an absolute geek. She refuses to entertain the possibility and is convinced they're alien-human hybrids. Guess who's right?
    Adrian manages to bridge the gap between the Spooky and the Scientific though. Instead of bringing Ophelia roses, he brings her a Star Trek communicator badge he found in his cereal box.

    Ah, love.

  7. Uh, yeah, which doctor?

    Ophelia's mother is a doctor, the only medical professional for hundreds of miles around. In case anyone's wondering, this is sadly realistic. Alaska never has enough medical professionals.


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