Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cue Robert Plant

This might not be sci-fi romance, but it's a combination of love and science-fiction. And I'm thinkin' there's a novel just waiting to be written from this story via the CBS Early Show.

It seems love follows the same pathways in the brain as, erm, cocaine. No wonder we lose our minds when we fall like a chain-sawed tree.

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher says, "You can't stop thinking about this person. You crave the person. You do inappropriate things. You distort reality. You lie in bed and cry. You drink too much, you drive too fast, you do very inappropriate things when you've been rejected in love."

Substitute 'inappropriate things' for, say, squeezing two people of the opposite gender into one spacesuit.

'Distort realty' becomes a wormhole.

Your character drinks too much...old style Coke spiked with cocaine.

And your character drives a hovercraft.

You just got yourself a sci-fi romance.


  1. I love it and not just because I remember when that video released. LOL!

  2. How cool would it be to have Robert Plant remake that video with 4 gorgeous identical robot-women dressed like that, but actually playing the instruments?

    Yes, the props and arm candy have come a long ways, baby, and cocaine might be better for long term survival than Virginia Slims, but there’s no question being addicted in space, pushing the boundaries of science, is a great place to write.
    Thanks for posting!


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