Monday, July 26, 2010

Hailing On All Frequencies!

Just a reminder that there will be no HOAF news posted in the first week of August as I'm attending the RWA® National conference in Orlando, Florida.I'm looking forward to meeting up with fellow-Brigaders and sporting the new SFRB badge with pride as I mingle in the crowd.

Lisa Lane's new book, PANDORA'S HOPE, the sequel to her erotic SFR novel, LUST IN SPACE, is set for release by Ravenous Romance in early August.  Exact date is still TBR.

Eve Langlais's ALIEN MATE is now available, and ALIEN MATE 2 will be released with Amira Press on July 23rd.

Eve Langlais also has THE HUNTER available from Amira Press.
SUGAR RUSH by Kimber An is being published by Decadent Publishing (release date TBA).
T.K.Toppin's book, LANCASTER RULE, is the first in a trilogy available from Champagne Books.
BEYOND THOSE DISTANT STARS is John Rosenman's latest release with Mundania Press LLC.
Nancy J.Cohen's SILVER SERENADE was released on July 16th by The Wild Rose Press.

Verona St.James's Summer of SFR continues and this week she's reviewed ALPHA by Catherine Asaro. 

Welcome Committee member Pauline Baird Jones interviewed new Brigader, John B. Rosenman, on July 21st here on the blog.

As the end of July and August are the busiest season for romance writers, Kylie Griffin starts a new series called An Interview With...series of posts featuring a swag of Aussie Authors & a ring-in from the USA.
23rd July - Mel Teshco
29th July - Tracey O'Hara
7th August - Sherrilyn Kenyon
14th August - Keri Arthur
21st August - Anna Jacobs

Eve Langlais's ALIEN MATE 2 (sequel to ALIEN MATE) is being released on July 23, 2010.

Laurie Green's SFR manuscript, OUTER PLANETS, has just won the Parnormal Romance section of the 2010 COFW Ignite the Flame contest! Woohoo, Laurie!

Michelle de Rooy is a finalist with her fantasy romance, APPLESEED, in the Romance Writers of New Zealand 2010 Clendon Award! Her second entry, EXHALE, made the Highly Commended list. Final judging will be done by Mary-Theresa Hussey, editor from Harlequin M&B. Congratulations and good luck, Michelle!

With the RWA® National conference just around the corner some of our Brigade members in the running for either a Golden Heart (paranormal section) or PRISM Award. Here's a little something to whet your appetite.
Check out the following sites and posts and wish our members well as the night approaches.

GH finalist - Sharon Lynn Fisher dropped in on the Spacefreighters Lounge.
GH finalist - Kylie Griffin visited the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood.
SFR Brigade has four finalists for the 2010 PRISM Awards.  Winners will be announced at the FF&P The Gathering event. Our finalists are:

Ella Drake for her novella FIRESTORM ON E'TERRA
When fire meets ice, the storm flames out of control.
Intragalactic smokejumper and former refugee Wilson Dex takes the latest in a long line of risks, a mission to quell the firestorm on planet E'terra.
Equipment from his transport ship malfunctions, forcing by-the-book Commander Samantha Varde dirtside to help Dex though she suffers from landsickness.
While fighting the ill-timed and against-code heat between them, they have hours to reprogram a torpedo, fly into a tornado, and chute into a firestorm, all to save the colony before the storm flames out of control.

Katherine Allred for her futuristic CLOSE ENCOUNTERS
The Bureau of Alien Affairs needed a special GEP agent with empathic abilities to handle their most extraordinary assignments--and a rogue geneticist saw to it that Kiera fit their specifications. Bit she turned out stronger, faster, smarter and more impervious to harm than anyone anticipated. A reluctant "superhero", Kiera wishes she were nromal, but it is not to be.
On Orpheus 2, the indigenous Buri race faces extinction, a prospect the powerful Dynatec corporation welcomes and, in fact, may be actively hastening. As a special agent for the Bureau of Alien Affairs, it is Kiera's job to protect these beautiful, exotic aliens...and to discover what there is on Orpheus 2 that Dynatec feels is worth killing for. But the magnetic allure of the breathtaking Buri leader is proving a dangerous addiction. And now, to save Thor's people, Kiera will need a power she's never before possessed--something hidden in the unexplored recesses of her heart.

Jess Granger for her futuristic BEYOND THE RAIN
In a universe torn apart by civil war, a warrior and a slave must fight for their freedom, for their lives, and for a love that may destroy them both…
After five years behind enemy lines, Captain Cyani is ready to retire to her homeworld of Azra as one of the Elite — the celibate warrior sisterhood that rules the planet. But first she must complete one final mission to rescue her fellow Union soldiers. The last thing she expects to find is a prisoner, chained and beaten — but radiating feral power and an unbroken spirit…
Soren is a Byralen, an enigmatic people who possess a unique hormone that they use to bond with their mates — and that is sold as a sexual narcotic in the shadow trade. For years, he has endured torture at the hands of his captors as they leeched his very essence. The last thing he expects is to be freed from slavery by a beautiful warrior woman with radiant blue eyes.
Driven by her rigid sense of honor, Cyani frees Soren even though her life hinges upon the success of her mission. But after so many years in bondage, his hormones are so unbalanced that he will die if he does not bond with a woman. Can the lovely but distant warrior be the woman he needs to survive, or will the forbidden bond destroy them?

Linnea Sinclair for her futuristic HOPE'S FOLLY
It's an impossible mission on a derelict ship called HOPE'S FOLLY. A man who feels he can't love. A woman who believes she's unlovable. And an enemy who will stop at nothing to crush them both.
Admiral Philip Guthrie is in an unprecedented position: on the wrong end of the law, leading a rag-tag band of rebels against the oppressive Imperial forces. Or would be, if he can reach his command ship—the intriguingly named Hope’s Folly—alive. Not much can rattle Philip’s legendary cool—but the woman who helps him foil an assassination attempt on Kirro Station will. She’s the daughter of his best friend and first commander—a man who died while under Philip’s command, and whose death is on Philip’s conscience.
Rya Bennton has been in love with Philip Guthrie since she was a girl. But can her childhood fantasies survive an encounter with the hardened man, and newly-minted rebel leader, who it seems has just become her new commanding officer? And will she still be willing follow him through the jaw of hell once she learns the truth about her father’s death?

Have you updated your SFR Brigade Twitter Squadron listing lately?  We have new members!

Please welcome our newest member...
The following Brigaders will be at the-

RWA® 2010 "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing on 
Wednesday, July 28 
5:30-7:30 p.m. 
at the Walt Disney World® Dolphin Resort
Pacific Exhibit Hall, in Orlando, Florida.
  • Ella Drake
  • Jess Granger
  • Erica Hayes
  • Jodi Redford   
If I've missed anyone, I apologise (that list was huge!)


  1. Fabulous round-up, Kylie. Thanks for all your great work on this. Congrats on all the releases and nominees.

    Looking forward to meeting the Brigaders going to RWA. :)

  2. Wow, lots of news for this week! Many thanks for all the info!

  3. Thanks, Kylie! Good luck to all of us, and looking forward to meeting up with folks in Orlando!


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