Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hailing On All Frequencies!

SUGAR RUSH by Kimber An is being published by Decadent Publishing (release date TBA).
T.K.Toppin's book, LANCASTER RULE, is the first in a trilogy available from Champagne Books.
BEYOND THOSE DISTANT STARS is John Rosenman's latest release with Mundania Press LLC.
Nancy J.Cohen's SILVER SERENADE was released on July 16th by The Wild Rose Press.
Demon's Secret by Nathalie Grey features in the PARANORMAL ROMANCE 2 anthology and is available from Constable & Robinson and Running Press.

Gail Koger's e-book, THE WARLORD'S COMEUPPANCE has just been released with Whispers Publishing.

Sheryl Nantus's new release, WILD CARDS & IRON HORSES, comes out in August 2010 with Samhain Publishing, Inc.
Clare Revell's SEASON FOR MIRACLES, from Whiterose Publishing, has a release date of November 5th, 2010.
Check out the Long & Short Reviews Author Spotlight - their guest is our own SFRBrigader K.S.Augustin. She's been there all week!

Pauline Baird Jones blogged about "Finding Your Inner Geek" at Single Titles.

On the 16th July, Kylie Griffin finished her series on World-Building with a summary.

Heather Massey announced that The Galaxy Express will host Parallel Universe, a science fiction romance online event that will coincide with the Romance Writers of America’s 30th Annual National Conference (July 28-31 in Orlando, FL). It will be the virtual SFR gathering for those unable to attend the conference. And if you’re attending the RWA conference, the hotspot for SFR fans is The Gathering, hosted by the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal Chapter of RWA.

Have you updated your SFR Brigade Twitter Squadron listing lately?  We have new members!

  • Darlene Reilly
  • T.K.Toppin
  • Nancy J.Cohen
  • Gail Koger
  • Greta
Please welcome and get to know some of our talented new Brigade members!

Nancy J. Cohen has a new SFR release (out on July 16th) from The Wild Rose Press, Silver Serenade. She's celebrating with a contest for some neat prizes on her website  and watch for a Book Launch Party coming up July 19th on our main blog.  Nancy is a member of RWA and FF&P and plans to attend Nationals in Orlando.

Gail Koger has joined the Brigade ranks and has a SFR out with Whispers Publishing, The Warlord's Comeuppance. You can view the book trailer here.

John B. Rosenman, the author of Beyond Those Distant Stars recently featured on The Galaxy Express has also joined our ranks.  Welcome, John.

T.K. Toppin is a new member who hails from Barbados with a SFR entitled The Lancaster Rule.  To learn more, see T.K.'s site and Goodreads page.

T.K.Toppin is guest blogging over at Reading, Reading & Life on July 22nd. Win a free PDF copy of T.K.'s book, LANCASTER RULE, by visiting and leaving a comment.

As mentioned in the New Members section, Nancy J. Cohen's new SFR release came out on July 16th from The Wild Rose Press, Silver Serenade.  She's celebrating with a contest for some neat prizes on her website . Check it out!

K.S.Augustin visited the Long & Short Reviews blogsite all this week as their Author Spotlight guest. She's also offering daily prizes so go along and visit and you might be one of the lucky winners! 

Laurie Green discovered an interesting article covering the last two shuttle flights, for shuttles Discovery & Endeavor. The last two trips have been finalized for November 2010 & February 2011, but there is speculation one last flight for Atlantis may follow in June 2011. Link for the article is here.

Space Travel 101:The Fundamentals of Space Travel is a great website for anyone wanting the basics on space travel.

Space (dot) com has a host of multi-media links to up to date information on anything to do with this topic - from what's the fastest spacecraft ever? to NASA's new designs for their space shuttles.

Astrobiology Roadmap is a NASA site where you can read about the science behind what makes planets habitable for human life.

We're not alone, Brigaders! Check out this article called Titan: Nasa scientists discover evidence 'that alien life exists on Saturn's moon'. And clarification on this subject was posted in Scientific America with Astrobiologist tries to set the record straight about extraterrestrial life on Titan.


  1. Thanks for posting about SUGAR RUSH!

    It's really an odd feeling going from Book Reviewer to Author. I'm like, "Who? Me?" and "Holy Spock! I wrote that!"

  2. hey, love the new look! thanks for all the info!

  3. Cool. Lots to read. Love the new site set-up.

  4. Thanks for pulling all the great info together for us!


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