Sunday, July 25, 2010

Out of This World Summer Blog Tour

In celebration of my upcoming release, Pandora's Hope, I would like to organize a blog tour beginning in August. I invite other SFR and erotic SFR authors with recent or upcoming space themed releases to join me; the more, the better.

Contact me at Lisa_Lane *at* cerebralwriter *dot* com for details.

About Pandora's Hope:

Captain Nora Bradley, fiancĂ© and First Officer Robert Smith, and crew have developed quite the reputation: their current tactical officer is an astral clone of the one they started with; a race of shape-shifting aliens currently travels the stars as an impostor “Pandora’s Hope”; and everyone is still recovering from the embarrassing and life-changing ship-wide orgy caused by their bout with the “space flu.” Worst of all, though, is that the more Nora tries to plan their wedding, the more Robert gets cold feet....

Now that the ship is back on mission, with a glorified babysitter from Space-Corp on its way, it seems that the ship-wide fun might be forced to an end—but first impressions always prove wrong on Pandora’s Hope, and the new addition to their crew, “Quality Control Officer” Patrice Jocar, might have more in common with her new peers than they think. In this second installment of the Lust in Space series, the crew of Pandora’s Hope explores more exotic intergalactic regions, picking up the most unlikely of refugees and encountering new alien species—while their wild and sexy antics continue. Will Nora and Robert’s relationship survive another excursion into deep space, or will the experience tear them apart for good?


  1. A joint blog tour is a terrific idea. I'll mention it to a couple of authors who may be interested.

    PANDORA'S HOPE sounds like a great read. :)

  2. This is a great idea, Lisa. I'll be in touch.


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