Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anchorage Is Also A Planet

Imagine my horror when I discovered the two current titles in my Anchorage series listed on a third party site as "Westerns". What the...? When I inquired, the answer was that since the series was about Anchorage, and therefore in Alaska, they must be Westerns.

Errrm...isn't that sort of like saying because a series is named "Paris", it must be a Western? There is, after all, a Paris, Texas.

Just to set the record straight - I'd like to make it clear that Anchorage is also a planet. It's not on the charts and since it's so far from the regular routes, it's not a tourist destination, but plenty of people call it home. Some of them are even human...

Anchorage - seven books, one planet. Let the gravity well suck you in:

Book 1: Marya -

A prophecy foretelling the heir’s death, an assassin among his protectors, dreams of a sinister, hidden city–and Marya’s trials have just begun.

Available Now at Red Rose Publishing

Book 2: Romenel: Voyage into Twilight -

Something is hunting fearless mercenary commander Romenel Devar. He’ll die if he can’t stop it but he doesn’t even know what it looks like.

Available Now at Red Rose Publishing

Book 3: Romenel: Obligations of Blood -

To the west, a plague of monsters and revelations from the past Romenel would rather leave buried. To the east, a dynastic war and bloodshed to come…

Releasing August 19th!

Book 4: Pelinas: The Enemy Within:

Exiled and ill, Pelinas takes refuge with his father’s enemies. But his mind hides terrible secrets from him and he struggles over who he can trust.

Book 5: Pelinas: Child of the Koss:

Duke Per believes only he is fit to rule. His sons will pay the price for his bloody obsession and only the youngest has the means to stop him.

Book 6: Emily: Rediscovery:

The Montagna Mining Company crosses the galaxy for gem deposits. What they get instead is an epic culture clash and the instigation of civil war.

Book 7: Emily: Shadow and Light:

An embittered warlord, a half-wild ex-assassin, a rogue pilot and an anthropology professor—and these are the only hope to save the world?


  1. Did they correct it for you?

    Congrats on all the soon-to-be released novels!

  2. Some places have - i think Mobipocket is still wrong, but there's some consolidation stuff going on there...

  3. Hmm, so much for checking the blurb - that would have indicated it WASN'T a western.

    A bit of a worry they only read the title.

  4. I suppose, Kylie, in the benefit of a doubt column, that if you're loading dozens of books a day and the pub maybe isn't clear... best guess is all you have time for.

  5. OMG, Sandra, how frustrating! Can you comment on the site to state the true genre.

    And books! Impressive! Many more for my Leaning Tower of TBR (R).

  6. These things are always fixable, some faster than others. Some 3rd party sites, like All Romance, will change things for the authors directly. Others have specific processes in place, with the change request needing to come from the publisher.

    Just a good idea to keep an eye on these things.

    (And I would love to hear what you think of them, Laurie! :) )


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