Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interview with New Member Gail Koger

Please help me welcome new Brigade member Gail Koger, author of The Warlord's Comeuppance, in an introductory interview about her latest work.

1) Please tell us about your featured book, The Warlord's Comeuppance.

The Warlord’s Comeuppance is a fun, fast paced science fiction/romance with sizzle. It starts off with Detja making the fatal mistake of stealing from the most feared Warlord in the galaxy and giving him the one finger salute as she makes her getaway. Not a smart move. Now Zarek, the big, bad warlord, wants this feisty little thief for his own and he won‘t take no for an answer. Detja’s not about to surrender and the chase begins.

2) Your heroine is a brave woman on the run from the galaxy's most terrifying warlord. Just maybe she provoked it. Where did you get the idea for her amazing story?

I’m a bit psychotic. I have all these characters running amok in my head. Detja came to life when I was working on Just My Luck, the first book in the Coletti Warlord series. She’s a fun, bold character that never stops plotting and loves blowing stuff up. Plus, Detja’s a sneaky bitch and manages to drug Zarek and stuff all six foot six of him into a shipping crate. To add insult to injury, she mails him to a penal colony for big, bad Coletti Warlord. Unfortunately for her, the drug wears off a tad bit faster than she planned and Zarek frees himself and takes over the prison ship. Needless to say, he’s a bit pissed that this tiny little female got the drop on him. The battle rages on.

3) What do you like best about Zarek and does your heroine stand a chance?

Zarek’s a ruthless a predator with a cause. He’s determined to save the Coletti race from extinction and he wants a mate who will fight beside him. He’s tired of being alone and the little thief intrigues him. Once he’s made up his mind that Detja’s the one he has been searching for, she doesn’t stand a chance.

4) How did you go about creating this world?

Believe it or not the original story, Just My Luck, came to me in a dream. A dream that wouldn’t go away until I wrote it. The Warlord’s Comeuppance is the prequel to this book.

5) What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

I’m currently working on Bunny The Equalizer a paranormal romance.

Here’s a little preview: Riling up a master vampire is about as smart as whacking on a hornet’s nest with a stick, you’re gonna get bit, repeatedly. I have the first chapter posted on my Goodreads page.

6) What do you think today's readers are looking for and how do you fill that demand in your writing?

They want to escape the real world for a couple of hours. They want to be entertained, aroused and laugh. My stories are pure escapism and filled with humor.

7) What are you most proud of in your writing career?

I’m global and they like me! They really really like me! I’m getting some really wonderful reviews.

8) What makes it all worth it to you as an author?

The feedback I get from my readers. They’re the best! Plus, I have so much fun with my characters.

9) Do you read print books, ebooks, or both?

Both, but ebooks are the future.

10) Any big plans for the summer?

Work. Work. Work. I have a producer friend in L.A. that wants me to work up a treatment for The Warlord’s Comeuppance so she can pitch it to the SYFY channel. Keep your fingers crossed!

We'll do that, Gail! 

Gail will also have a post up in the next week about her day job that I think you'll find very entertaining!  Welcome to the Brigade, Gail.  Glad to have you onboard!


  1. Sounds like a fun book! You should post a buy link.

    Best of luck with the scyfy channel--that's my favorite channel!

  2. It does indeed sound like a fun story. Congratulations on the release!

  3. Great interview, and love the concept of your novels, Gail. Welcome to the blog and a big congrats on your latest release.

  4. Welcome, Gail, and many happy sales!

  5. Good idea to add a buy link, Melisse. I've added the Amazon hyperlink to the first reference of the title. :)


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