Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Write Like...

This recently made the rounds on Twitter. Want to know what famous writer's prose your work is similar to?

Go to the site, paste in a few paragraphs of your work -- a novel or short story in progress, a blog post, an article you've written or any other sample of your writing. Click analyze.  In moments you'll get the results.


Have fun.

Oh, me?  I tried three different works and got three different results.  According to the analysis, I write like:

Robert Louis Stevenson (paragraphs from my SFR Adventure)
Dan Brown (paragraphs from my Near Future SFR)
James Joyce (paragraphs from an article)


  1. I did this with a chapter from a SFR wip and got William Shakespeare. Who knew!

  2. I got J K. Rowling. Not sure whether to be pleased or not! ha ha

  3. I got Stephen King. That's cool, I like his books.

  4. Passages from different PoV sections get me a different author each time, until Stephen King came up twice over James Joyce, Dan Brown and Vladimer Nabuktim?
    I love JKRowling,almost as much as I love your writing, so yippee for Barbara!

  5. I got Vonnegut for my current WIP, Chandler for another novel, and JKR for a YA piece I did for NaNo one year.

    Arlene: I got Vlad for one of my short pieces too, I had to look him up. :o)

  6. Tried three different SF stories. I got Ian Fleming (TWICE) and Kurt Vonnegut. Wait till I tell my dad!

  7. Is it weird that two parts of my story got two different answers? Am I really Sybil? LOL.

    I got Dan Brown and James F. Cooper.

    How telling is it that I find Dan Brown's stories kind of boring. Hopefully it's just a genre thing. LOL.

  8. I got Douglas Adams. Then realized I wanted it to tell me I write like ME. LOL!

  9. Vladimir Nabokov with a murder mystery.

    Stephen King with a YA fantasy.

    Weird both times.

  10. Okay, I admit I've been avoiding this, seeing it as crack for procrastinating writers. :D (Trust me, I don't need help in that department.) But I finally just did it...

    For my WIP I got Ian Fleming. I assumed this was based on two words in the excerpt: FBI AGENT.

    But then I did my first book -- and got Arthur Conan Doyle.

    A Brit writing about a spy and a Brit writing about a detective, interesting.

    So JKR is the only woman who has popped up?

  11. I got Kurt Vonnegut and James Joyce.

  12. Funnily enough I'd mentioned Kings Cross station in the bit I posted. I guess that linked me to JK Rowling!!

  13. I got Stephen King for the current MS I'm formatting (Para romance). Wild!

    Then I got David Foster Wallace(is he literary fic?) for my current release (contemporary fantasy/romance).

    Then finally, just for kicks, I pasted an excerpt of a WIP I'm reworking (noirish romance) and got Margaret Mitchell.

    Alll over the map lol.

    Looks like there's at least another female writer in the results though!


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