Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reminder: HOAF news!

The last few weeks I've been surfing Brigaders websites and blogs for news, blog posts and interesting information to put in HOAF. This is a fun, if time consuming project, and with my personal schedule starting to get busier I'm now limiting the time I spend ferreting out information.

So, now that you've seen just what sorts of thing I can promote with HOAF, please send me your news - kyliegriffin(at)clearmail(dot)com(dot)au

Please don't forget web-links, your web address etc. as pertinent promotional information!

Your Communications Officer


  1. Kylie, I just want to thank you again for doing these fabulous HOAF news round-ups.

    Everyone, remember this is how you can get news in front of your peers and SFR fans, so give Kylie a shout if you have anything newsworthy--a contest win, guest blog, activity, book review, giveaway, workshop news, or anything SFR or writing-related.

  2. Relative newbie stupid question time -- what does HOAF stand for?

  3. Hi Gini! HOAF = Hailing On All Frequencies aka We Have Lots of News to Share!


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