Saturday, June 5, 2010

Romenel - the newest installment of the Anchorage Series!

*Deep breath* I love the smell of new releases in the smells of adventure.

Romenel: Voyage Into Twilight - Available NOW at Red Rose Publishing!

We first met Romenel collared and chained to a wall in Marya.

Now it's seven years later, and our blond hunk has become one of the continent's most powerful mercenary commanders. Even so, he's in serious trouble and needs help.

Something is hunting him. Something he can't even describe. If he can't get to Marya and Roke in time, he knows he's a dead man.

Come join the adventure - you may never want to come back.

And don't forget the contest going on in honor of Romenel's launch - Draw Me A Harduk!
Contest runs until 6/25 - don't miss out!


  1. Oh, Sandra, your blurb has me hooked! This sounds fantastic and yet another for my Leaning Tower of TBR.

    Congrats on the new release!

    (And I'm sure Kimber An will zero in on that blond hero!)

  2. *g* I certainly hope she does.

    Thank you, Laurie, and don't forget to read Marya first! (Do you have to? No. Are you gonna be missing some stuff - oh, heck, yes.)

  3. Got 'em both now, Sandra. Looking forward to the series.

  4. Oh, goody! You'll have to tell me what you think!


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