Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ask an editor RIGHT NOW

There is a Twitter "ask an editor" Q/A discussion underway as I write this! (Began at 2:30 PM EST.)

Lindsey Faber of Samhain
Megan Records of Kensington

Hashtag: #askeditor

Go forth and ask questions!


  1. This is still going strong - and trust me, you WANT to see what Lindsey Faber had to say about SFR!

  2. Sounds like there are plans in the works to make it a regular thing, so I'll keep you posted. Some key takeaways...

    - Lindsey/Samhain are "very keen" on SFR right now, and see it as both a growing trend and an answer to paranormal fatigue. (Thanks to Jennifer Leeland for asking the question!)

    - Megan is seeking paranormal but not SFR. (Alicia Condon, formerly of Dorchester, may possibly be a better choice for SFR submissions. This is me saying this, not Megan.)

    - Lindsey and Megan agreed quality of story far exceeds importance of author platform. Platform is a bonus, and is also something that can be developed later. Lindsey does feel it's important for authors to have up-to-date web sites.

    - Both downplayed the importance of contest success, noting some authors don't enter them. They said contest success in a query will not influence them -- Megan adding: unless it's a big contest or a contest she judged.

    - Both work with agented and unagented authors and expressed no preference either way. Both regularly sign unagented authors.

    - Megan's response time on submissions: 3 months. Lindsey's: 4-6 weeks.

    - Regarding cover art and copy: Both of these editors have significant involvement in creation of these. Megan solicits the author's ideas, but said the author won't have much control over the cover at Kensington. Lindsey said Samhain authors are more involved in development of covers.

    - Both agreed most important thing an editor needs from an author is for them to follow directions.

  3. Fabulous wrap up, Sharon. Thanks so much. I couldn't participate due to being at work, but I'll go scan the conversations now.

    I really appreciate you bringing this to our members' attention.


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