Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Tag Party for 6/24/10

If seventh graders can find a cave skylight on Mars (check out Mars Daily for that), we can surely find some SFR to tag this week. And look - we have!

There's a lot of fiction out there from which to choose. Make it easier for our readers to find us and help out members grow more and more visible by tagging.
(Sirius visible rather than merely Kappa Velorum visible)

A brief step by step if it's your first time in the tag squadron:
  • Go to the Amazon buy page (I've included the links below)
  • Scroll down to the Tags Customers Associate with this Product header
  • Look for these tags: SFR, Scifi Romance, SF Romance, Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance - please feel free to add any extra tags you feel are appropriate to the work (i.e. Space Opera, Military SF, etc.)
  • If the tags are already there, just click on them to add your 'vote'
  • If not, type them into the 'your tags' box to add them (no need to save the page, just type and add)

Thirteen Souls by Larion Wills

7% and Rising by Kim Knox

Unclaimed by Nathalie Gray

Watery Deep by Roxane Smolen

Seek Out and Tag, oh faithful brigaders! And if you or a member you know has a book out on Amazon that we haven't featured yet, send me a note at .


  1. Done! Hey, I noticed Watery Deep is book 3. Should we seek out books 1 and 2 and tag them as well?

  2. Also, if a print edition for a Kindle book shows under the title, pop over to tag it, too. Reviews are shared, but tags are not.

    Self-serving: Please tag my book now live in print and Kindle on Amazon.

  3. And an added note: I buy Kindle books under $2. That way, I can maximize my Kindle buying.

  4. A little late this week...but done! (Laptop crashes are a terrible thing. *sigh*)

    AnnaM, great idea!

    Members, remember you can always email Sandra with title suggestions for the Book Tagging Party (to save her the time of having to scout them out). You're also more than welcome to suggest your own books, peers' books, new releases or favorite reads.

    Sandra's been doing a fabulous job with our weekly Book Tagging Party, and you can help this feature continue by sending her your suggestions.


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