Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SFR Evening Post

OK, fooled ya.  It's morning.  (And I'm running a little behind as you can tell.)

The SF Signal Mind Meld discussion on science fiction romance is up and I'm in some very stellar company -- Jaqueline Lichtenberg, Linnea Sinclair, Heather Massey, Sasha Knight, Lisa Paitz Spindler, Susan Grant, Sandra McDonald, Michael Banks and more!  (the bolded names are Brigaders--we're well represented).  Come join in the conversation and leave your thoughts, comments and opinions about the R in SFR. 

And please help spread the word! Get notes up on your blogs, web sites, Twitter. Facebook, and send emails to your peers.  (Can this be posted on FF&P? Anyone savvy on their new posting restrictions?)  Here's our chance to sound off and generate discussion about our favorite subgenre.  (Oh, and prepare to expand your TBR list many fold.)

I'd also like to point everyone toward several discussions going on in the forums:

SFR Advocacy: What Can We Do as a Group?
This discussion includes an example letter that could be sent to contests asking that SFR be defined in the category descriptions, and forming an advocacy committee. 

Critique Group Discussion
Lost in a sea of shapeshifters?  Interested in finding critique partners that write SFR?

A Contest for Brigaders?
Should the SFR Brigade sponsor a writing contest?   

Shout Out
Where to discuss anything and everything--Holding a SFR Rave, promoting SFR, contests, obstacles for SFR, and more.

FF&P Gathering
The rumor is The Gathering will be steampunk theme this year.  I'm a little confused on how to put together a costume.  Any ideas?  Can you help me out?

Where and When Should We Try for a SFR Brigade Get Together
Ideas on when and where Brigader could meet for those attending RWA in Orlando.


  1. Laurie,

    Where do we send book suggestions for the tag parties? Thanks!

  2. Anna, you can send suggestions to our Book Tagging Host, Sandra Stixrude. If you need her email address send me a note at Lgreen2162 (at) aol (dot) com, or send her a message through the web site (member name scstixrude).

  3. I've just missed so much here! Sorry I had to take a break from my last week. But I'm back now and trying to catch up!

  4. Welcome back, Kaye! We missed you.


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