Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sorry to ask but...

PhotobucketI hope it's OK to ask for votes, but if it is, could I ask for the vote of folks here please? My lovely cover by Tamra Westberry, for 'Children Of The Mist' has been entered for the Classic Romance Revival Cover Contest and with so much going on, I hadn't realised it was this month and not next - so if you have a moment and like my cover I would SO appreciate your vote, sorry to ask but there's not a lot of time left and I'm in the middle of judging a short story contest among other things so haven't a lot of time to pomote.

Here's the link (the voting panel is on the right hand side of the page, there.)

Thanks so much - I won't make a habit of this sort of thing, I promise!


  1. Thanks so much Laurann, very much appreciated! :)

  2. Done - what are we here for, if not to support each other?


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