Monday, June 14, 2010

Hailing On All Frequencies!

There's something for everyone this week - information on how SFRB plans to evolve in the coming weeks, a new release or three, interesting blog posts, guest author interviews, a swag of newly joined members, give-aways, sites to build on your world-building knowledge...

Happy surfing! 

EMERGENCE by Kim Knox is out with Samhain Publishing on June 15th, 2010.
She just wanted to forget. What she gets is her destiny. Life as Jaime Dalton knows it is almost over. Come morning, she—the forbidden offspring of a human and a gryphon—will be owned body and soul by the First Dragon, ruler of the mythoi. He will control everything. What she wears, what she eats, when she sleeps. And with whom.
Determined to have a final fling, she seeks out the comfort of a stranger’s arms. Except he turns out to be “stranger” than he first appears.
Kaden Rhodes knows what it’s like to be owned. Before he follows his orders to escort Jaime to the same fate, he can’t resist joining her in one last act of defiance. Before the night is over, though, he finds she has inched her way under his skin.
Their connection is hot, fast, completely irresistible…and they’re playing with fire. Discovery will render them useless to the First Dragon. And those marked useless end up dead.

Warning: This title contains wild sex, dark violence and irascible dragons who shift into brooding men. Oh, and the utter perversion of mythology.


Joely Sue Burkhart’s THE BLOODGATE GUARDIAN, a paranormal thriller with romantic elements, is available from Carina Press on June 14th, 2010.

Jodi Redford’s book, LIGHT MY FIRE, is due for release on June 29th.

On June 15th, Kylie Griffin interviews guest author, Joss Ware, about her new post-apocalyptic romance series, The Envy Chronicles on her blog. But be warned - you may find a new to read!

To celebrate the release of her new book, CLOSE CONTACT, Katherine Allred will be visiting the RT Author's Spotlight on June 14th, and will include a message from her and new excerpt from the book.

Jaleta Clegg posted a blog on SFRB blog last Thursday (10th June) - "The Best Day Job in the Universe - Working at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center". This will be a series posted over the next few Thursday's on the SFRB blog.

The RWA Valley Forge Sheila 2010 contest winners (paranormal section) include two of our Brigade members!

2nd Shadowed – Sharon Lynn Fisher
3rd Bloodborn – Kylie Short (w/a Kylie Griffin)
4th Shadows Eclipse – Kylie Short
5th Circle of Shadows – Kylie Short

Sharon's SHADOWED, and Kylie's SHADOWS ECLIPSE are both sci-fi romances. Congratulations!

The final judge was Alicia Condon from Kensington. Extra good news - she's requested the full of Sharon's work!

Welcome to our new Brigaders...(those that have joined from mid-May onwards)
  • Dawn Mongomery
  • Jane Toombs
  • Samantha Gail
  • Sarah Shade
  • Jenna Renolds
  • Lynn Crain
  • Joely Sue Burkhart
  • KRL Thorn
  • Gwen Campbell
  • Michael Barnette
  • Tez Miller
  • Verona St.James
  • Samantha Walker
  • Jenna Renolds
  • Roxanne Smolen
  • Linda Mooney
More like SFRB news this week. A little info on what SFRB is up to in the coming weeks...
  • There's the first "fun activity" on this weekend just gone (12th & 13th June) on the website--a game of sorts--and there will be some fun prizes for our top three finishers.  (Laurie Green is going to try to do an activity of some sort on the web site every weekend - so keep your eyes peeled).
  • The SFRB web site now has around 90 members and will soon be overtaking the blog, which is at capacity. To check your membership use this link.
  • Laurie Green would like to schedule some interviews of our Brigaders, new and established, so that we're aware of who's joined. It'll also give us all the chance to discover more about each other. 
Verona St.James is starting a new book review feature on her blog. Her aim is to expand her knowledge of SFR, and do her small bit to promote the genre. So, on every Monday, for the whole summer, she's planning to review one SFR book a week. She's calling the feature the "Summer of SFR".
Her first book review on June 7th was Bujold's Shards of Honor.
This week's review (June 14th) is Naked in Death by Nora Roberts.

K.S.Augustin has a competition running on her website. She’s giving away two copies of IN ENEMY HANDS at her blog, Fusion Despatches. To be in the drawing, stop by and comment at the Competition post, telling her at which blog you read about her book. You have till 30th June! 

Over at The Galaxy Express is an interesting post entitled, "Bruce Sterling Contemplates Why SFR Lacks 'Commercial Punch'".

After some surfing for information on world-building, here are some websites I found that dealt with the topic...

*A treasure trove of resources from SpecFicWorld for writers of SF, F & Horror on world-building.

*On the SFWA site an article on Fantasy World-building Questions by Patricia C.Wrede.

*Holly Lisle has some good advice in a post called "Worldbuilding -- Rollicking Rules of Ecosystems" on her website.

!!! Don't forget to keep sending in your news - please get it to me by Friday at the latest - so I can collate it over the weekend ready to post early in the new week.


  1. Another excellent and informative installment! Congrats again on your trifecta of awesome, Kylie!

  2. Another fantabulous round up, Kylie. This news collection is so valuable. OK, off to check out all the sites and goings on.

    Congrats to Sharon and Kylie on their contest placings, and to Sharon for the request. Woot! Way to go Brigaders.


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