Monday, June 21, 2010

Hailing On All Frequencies!

Michelle Marquis’s book HUNTERS (co-written with Lindsey Bayer) comes out today (June 21st) from Carina Press.


Madeline Drake’s debut, sexy paranormal, BLOOD HERO is due for release on July 9th, 2010 from eXcessica.

ENEMY WITHIN is Marcella Burnard’s new release from Berkley Sensation, due out in November 2010.

Brynn Chapman’s book PROJECT MENDEL was released from Highland Press in February 2010.

THE MYTHMAKERS by Robert Appleton is out now in e-book format with Samhain and is to be released in paperback in late 2010.

WITH A TOUCH is Rhiannon Leith’s latest sci-fi romance from Samhain.

Sara Creasy’s SONG OF SCARABAEUS is out now with EOS (the SF imprint of HarperCollins).

Heather Massey posted "Romance & SF, Sittin' in a Tree..." over on this week. A post about romance & sf, and the changing nature of sci-fi. Will this new hybrid genre gain popularity in today's marketplace? Check out her post.

Brigader Meghan Schuessler talked about Blogging Etiquette on her site - she asks, What’s your stance on following and commenting? 

Rae Lori is visiting Coffee Time Romance’s June Jubilee throughout this month and will spotlight on June 26th.

Marva Dasef has posted on the SFRB forums about a YA SFR book offer for Brigaders.

Brigader Marva Dasef’s Cadida and the Djinn - Poor Little Rich Girl will be published in the July 2010 issue of Lorelei Signal.

In April, Robert Appleton signed a new contract with Moongypsy Press for THE TEMPORAL MAN, a time travel fantasy romance (novella).

Our first weekend activity--Space Invaders--started today and will wrap Sunday night (organised by Laurie Green).  She'll also be doing some spiffing up of the blog this weekend, catching up the points tally, the member roster and calculating our new member tally, deleting outdated pages and starting a new Book Tag Party listing of all books we've tagged to date. Thanks, Laurie!

Donna S. Frelick's sci-fi romance --UNCHAINED MEMORY -- has finaled in the Virginia Romance Writers Fool for Love contest (paranormal category).  This is Donna's first final.

And, hot off the sub-space airwaves - Donna S.Frelick has also finalled in the TARA Contest with the same manuscript. Way to go, Donna!!! She must be orbiting Jupiter about now with that double success. :-)

In honor of the release of her debut e-book, BLOOD HERO, Madeline Drake’s holding a drawing for a $25 gift certificate on July 9th. You can enter up to three times:
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2. “Like” me on Facebook:!/pages/Madeleine-Drake/342173467949
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Ripping Ozzie Reads (a spec-fic site) has fantasy author, Rowena Corey Daniells discussing Deep Point of View.

The Blood-Red Pencil has also a great post on deep POV.

BookEnds LLC hosts Christie Craig on Writing Advice - a good post on following your heart in writing.

I was surfing Austar (pay TV) when I caught a short for a program on synthetic life and it was enough to pique my curiosity. So, I went searching the web for more information and the author in me immediately started to play What If...

Imagine it - man-made DNA - consider the implications, opportunities, ethical and moral issues this will spark...fodder for a novel?


  1. Well done everyone but special congrats to Donna!!!!!!!! Brilliant.

  2. Great round up this week, Kylie!

    And yes-- congrats to Donna! And so much congrats to all those with new releases as well!

  3. Whee! Many congratulations on the finals, Donna! And my thanks to Kylie - I hadn't expected to see my book cover up this morning when I logged in. The official release date for Enemy Within is now November 2nd.

  4. Good blog entry by Heather Massey. Interesting how the responses demonstrate the views of SFR by the SF community. I'm seeing the SFR despite being a cross between SF and R is still either one or the other. The SFR writers mentioned are not the same SFR writers mentioned in the Romance community. I do think Bujold is the most successful at straddeling the genres but she is still regarded as a science fiction writer not a romance writer and her name isn't mentioned as often in the romance community. And there are still SF readers who dislike her more romance type stories.

  5. If anyone comes across any good blog posts, don't forget to drop me an email with the title and web-link and I'll include it in HOAF.

  6. Great round-up, Kylie. Congrats to Donnie, all the authors with book releases, and thanks to Marva for the book giveaway. I'm off to chase some links now.

  7. Woot! Congratulations, Donna!

    Thanks for the linkage to my Tor post, and to everyone who read it.

    @Lizzie I agree, the titles mentioned by SF and romance readers tend to split according to publisher/shelving. Makes sense, of course, but I also hope that our combined blogging efforts can overcome this type of split to some extent, especially in the case of SFR books that could be shelved in either SF *or* romance. In other words, create a stronger identity for SFR that goes beyond shelving considerations (which will be even more relevant as the ebook market continues to grow).

    Just gotta keep plugging away.

  8. Congrats on the contest placements, new releases and giveaways! :-D


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