Friday, June 18, 2010

If you crossed Mr Spock with my cat you'd end up with ........

Hell if I know. But the possibilities are there when you're developing new characters.
Just think about it for a minute.
What a bizarre mix! The logic and coldness of Spock mixed in with the ruthless, killer instincts of a cat.
What a hero!
What a villain!
How about the deeply hidden passions of Spock mixed in with the passionate affectionate qualities of a cat.
What a heroine!
What a villain!
Just think of what genetics could come up.
The possibilities are out there. Just jump on the imagination super roller-coaster and hang on for the ride of your life.


  1. I love this idea! I've been thinking in terms of mash-ups, myself. The one I've really been toying with is:

    Frankenocchio: The Modern Prometheus. When the puppetmaker Geppetto brings his latest creation to life, villagers run from the deranged wooden boy.


  2. Hehe Nothing like a great laugh on a Saturday morning. Think of the pssibilities!

    Fantasy and Paranormal have their half-vammpire, half-werewolf, half-demon, half-elf creations, but look at the material we have to work with in SFR.

    Half-Reever, half-Vulcan? OMG. A logical crazed space zombie? Half-Borg, half-Jedi? A hive-conscious species that can control the Force? Highly amusing, but amidst the chuckles it could inspire some great new ideas.

    Great post, Sandra. And Disgruntled Bear, I really got a visual on your Frankenoccio. :)


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