Monday, November 22, 2010

Hailing On All Frequencies!

E.D.Walker has a new release out this week, HEIR TO THE UNDERWORLD, from Sapphire Blue Publishing. It's a YA fantasy novel dealing with ancient gods, the Wild Hunt, fairies & other supernatural shenanigans.

Robert Appleton has two books due for release shortly - CLAIRE DE LUNE - an erotic SF mystery novel from Amber Quill Press, co-written by Robert Appleton & Sloane Taylor & releases as as eBook on November 28th (paperback in December).

And THE MYSTERIOUS LADY LAW, a steampunk mystery novella from Carina Press on January 31, 2011.

Jess Anastasi's SANCTUARY will be released from Noble Publishing on November 22nd.

D.L.Jackson's BLOWN AWAY is two-story, single author anthology combining SFR and explosive ordnance in Detonate and Happy Trails. It was released on Nov.13th from Passion In Print.

Ella Drake's space western romance, SILVER BOUND, releases from Carina on Nov.22nd, soon to be followed by an audio release from

Stephanie Burkhart's story "Shadows & Light" is part of a SFR anthology called BOREALIS: A SPACE ANTHOLOGY and it was released by Desert Breeze Publishing on Nov.1st, 2010.

Over at Kylie Griffin's blog this week...
22nd Nov. - "Read a good book lately?" - showcasing some talented Aussie & NZ authors
26th Nov. - GUEST AUTHOR: Maree Anderson talks about her latest release FROM THE ASHES and she has one electronic ARC give-away for one lucky visitor

This week Ella Drake (accompanied by Han Solo) was interviewed over at The Galaxy Express. Click here for the interview.

Welcome to our newest members:
  • Ainsley Davidson 
  • Nancy Brauer
On Nov.26th Maree Anderson is giving away an electronic ARC copy of FROM THE ASHES over at Kylie Griffin's blog. 

The Blood Red-Pencil has a quiz on "What Do You Know About e-books?"

The RWA FFP Chapter blog gives some great hints on world-building this week in the post WORLD BUILDING: Stop the world, I want to build a new one!

For any reviews, news, information, books, sites, movies on anything to do with sci-fi or sci-fi romance, check out the Top 100 Science Fiction Blogs


  1. Lots of good news this week! Congrats to everyone!

  2. Another great round-up, Kylie. Thanks so much!


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