Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brigader Gail Koger Speaks Out Against Piracy On Local TV News Channel

Gail Koger has appeared on her local CBS 5 News channel in a story about e-book piracy titled Author Loses Thousands To Online Pirates.  The story and video can be viewed on the CBS 5 web site.  She is trying to generate buzz about piracy to educate the public how it is damaging authors.  The site currently registers a 78% "Outraged" response from readers and viewers on the subject of piracy.

Please lend your thoughts and opinions by going to the site, viewing the video and adding your comment to the news story.

Earlier, Gail also wrote a feature article for her local news, The Glendale Star. That story is posted here

Excellent job, Gail.  Thanks for speaking out on a subject that is a major concern to all authors.

You can also view a poll on relating to S. 3804 and add your thoughts. This bill proposes legislation to combat copyright infringement. The poll currently shows 69% in favor of the bill.

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