Saturday, November 20, 2010

Children of Scarabaeus - cover

Just wanted to share my new cover for Children of Scarabaeus (due out March 2011 from Harper Voyager). This is the sequel to Song of Scarabaeus. I'll be posting chapters and blurb on my blog and website soon, so stand by. The cover is again by Chris McGrath. Isn't it awesome!

Writing a romance as a series is a challenge, because usually the story ends when our couple "rides off into the sunset." Well, in book 1 there was no sunset and the romance was slow to take off in order to leave room to grow (didn't want to shoot my load, so to speak). Things heat up in the sequel as Edie and Finn's adventures continue.


  1. This is a great cover! I love the SF feel of it with a tough R side to it.

  2. Very nice. Looking forward to the second in the series.

  3. That's a sensational cover, Sara! I'd be doing somersaults if it were mine. Best of luck with this.


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