Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Release: The Chronicles of Kassouk Book Three: Black Jaguar

Vijaya Schartz' newest SFR release, The Chronicles of Kassouk Book Three: Black Jaguar, is out now to rave reviews. Check them out below and make sure and stop by my blog, Adventures of a Sci-Fi Writer, tomorrow for Vijaya's guest spot, where she'll be discussing the sci-fi and romance behind this great series.

"This is a good story with a futuristic world building that is written very well. The reader will be drawn into the story and find it very had to put down until the very end of it... The story and people are very believable and engaging to read about." Red Roses for Authors Review Blog Rating = 4 Roses

"From one extreme to another the societal differences in this story keep you riveted. It is much like watching an episode of “Stargate,” where an advanced civilization engineers a primitive culture to suit their needs and perpetuate the image of deities to keep their subjects in line. As the truth comes to light, Kahuel and Talina are not so disparate in their basic beliefs that their love for family, friends, and wildlife cannot bond them tightly, even during the worst of times. This strange blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and sweet romance is a great way to whisk yourself off to another time and place without ever having to leave your comfy chair." Lototy - CoffeeTime Romance Rating = 4 Cups

"Ms. Schartz has continued her spellbinding series with this fast paced story that ensnared me from the very start... I enjoyed watching the interaction of the humans with their feline friends and how they would do anything to protect each other. The visual descriptions of the jungle scenes brought them to life for this reader. I for one can't wait for the next book in the Chronicles of Kassouk series." Teresa - Fallen Angel Reviews Rating = 5 Angels

As someone who's read the series, I wholeheartedly agree and am honored to have Vijaya as a member of the SF Brigade. For more details or to read an excerpt, stop by Vijaya's website or Desert Breeze Publishing.


  1. Mega congrats on the release and the great revies!

  2. Sigh. I can't spell and shouldn't try when I'm multitasking! Sorry, congrats on great REVIEWS!

  3. Oh, but I love your covers!

    Congrats on the newest release and the fantabulous reviews.

  4. Thanks, Pauline and Laurie for your kind comments. I love the covers, too. Actually, the cover of White Tiger, Book One in the series, won a Quasar Award for the best eBook cover of 2009.


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