Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Author Interview: Stephanie Burkhart

Okay crew. It's my first official author interview. Stephanie Burkhart is a contributing author to Desert Breeze's newest SFR release, Borealis II. I thought I'd interview her about writing the anthology and about her story, Shadows and Light. Ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Steph: First, I'd like to thank Amber for having me here today to talk about the Borealis II Anthology and my short story, "Shadows and Light."

Just a little about me: After being raised in New Hampshire and growing a wicked New England accent, this Patriot fan joined the US Army for a great adventure. I spent 7 years in Germany and I miss Lullusfest, a weeklong bonfire festival in Bad Hersfeld that has really hot cinnamon schnapps. In 1991 I married a fair-haired California boy and in 2000 we settled in Castaic, just north of LA. I now work for LAPD as a 911 dispatcher, and my wicked England accent is practically a whisper these days.

Amber: Before we get to your specific story tell us a little about the anthology and how you became a participating author.

Steph: Author J. Morgan was chatting to Gail Delaney, Editor-in-Chief, Desert Breeze Publishing, and said, "Wouldn't it be cool to write a science fiction anthology?" Gail ran with it. There are 3 stories in the Borealis II anthology, each centered around a backdrop of a space station.

One day at lunch, Gail mentioned it to me, and I told her I'd be interested. She kept me in mind. A couple weeks later she came up to me and asked if I wanted to write a story. I said sure. I had never tackled science fiction romance before so I was excited to try my hand in it.

Amber: Tell us a little about Shadows and Light.

Steph: Sarina, (from Gail's story in Borealis I, Forgive us our Debts) asked my heroine, Persephone Talon to investigate the Uudon Trade on the Borealis. Elijah Kess, also a member of the Rebellion, is there undercover. Soon, they start stepping on each other's toes. Persephone provides the shadows, Elijah provides the light in the story.

For the complete interview and to find out where to get this latest and greatest SFR anthology, come on by: http://sci-fiadventures.blogspot.com/2010/11/author-interview-stephanie-burkhart.html

You might even win a prize...


  1. Looks great, Stephanie. I LOVE that cover! Thanks for telling us about the anthology, and thanks to Amber, too, for a great interview.

    Must go check it out.


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