Monday, November 1, 2010

Will Our EPIC Award Finalists Please Take a Bow!

2011 EPIC Award Finalists

Pauline Baird Jones -- GIRL GONE NOVA -- SFR category

Julia Rachel Barrett -- CAPTURED -- SFR Erotica category

Robert Appleton -- CHARLIE RUNS RINGS AROUND THE EARTH -- SF novella

And in non-SFR categories:

Robert Appleton -- SUNSET ON RAMREE -- Historical Fiction

Pauline Baird Jones -- MYSTERY OF THE GREEN MIST -- Short in Anthology

Julia Rachel Barrett -- BEAUTY AND THE FEAST -- Contemp Erotica Romance

Lynn Crain -- THE HAUNTING OF MAGGIE GREY - Historic Erotic Romance

Gail R. Delaney -- SOMETHING BETTER -- Contemporary Romance

Many congratulations to our Brigaders for making the finals in this major contest.

Please note the 2011 EPIC finalist list has not been posted on the web site.  If you are a SFR Brigade member who is also a finalist, notify us in comments or via email and we'll add you to the list.


  1. Thank you totally! Pauline's book is so amazing I can't believe I'm there with her!

  2. That's brilliant, Pauline and Julia. Sweet news for SFR!

    My novella Charlie Runs Rings Around the Earth is a finalist in the SF category...and Sunset on Ramree (my WW2 crocodile attack thriller, based on true events) won a nomination for Historical Fiction. This is the bestest year ever.

  3. Congratulations, Robert!

    I've added yours to the list. Thanks for letting us know.

    Oh, the croc attack one sounds fascinating, even if it's not SFR. :)

  4. Many thanks, Julia (thanks for kind words!), Lisa, Robert! And congrats Robert! was excited to see you in there!

    (I also have a short story in Mystery of the Green Mist anthology, though its not SFR.)

  5. Thank you, Laurie! I should clarify, though, Charlie Runs Rings was nominated in SF, not SFR--so (thankfully) I'm not competing against Pauline's novel.

    Pauline, I'm part way through Girl Gone Nova and so far it's terrific. Best of luck to you in March!

  6. OK, I made those tweaks.

    Congrats again, all.

  7. Thanks, Robert. I think we are all glad we aren't competing. LOL! Hope you continue to enjoy the book. :-)

  8. Congrats, Robert! I'm with you and Pauline in the nonSFR too - I have a finalist in the Contemporary Erotic Romance Category - Beauty and the Feast. I'm amazed! Thanks everyone!

  9. thanks and congrats! (that's such a funny title, Julia!)

  10. Congtratulstions to you all - fantastic news, well done!

  11. My mistake on Julias title. I thought it was CAPTURED WITH SIREN, but it's CAPTURED (title) with Siren (publisher). I've corrected it.

    And they've finally posted the finalists on the EPIC site (which is how I figured out my blunder).

    If I can get permission from one or more of the authors, I can post the Awards Badge on this site.

    (Just found another Brigader, Lynn Crain, with a novel nominated in Historic Erotic Romance so I've added it. Did I miss anyone else?)

  12. Just found Gail R. Delaney on the list, too. Added. :)

    Anyone else?


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