Monday, November 8, 2010

Hailing On All Frequencies!

Marcella Burnard has a May 2011 release for ENEMY GAMES.

Shelley Munro's HOUSE OF THE CAT is out now with Ellora's Cave.

CRIMSON:MEN IN SPACE is Ethan X.Thomas's latest release from Samhain Publishing.

Marva Dasef's ULTIMATE DUTY comes out on November 7th with Eternal Press.

Barbara Elsborg's LUCY IN THE SKY (already released in e-book format with Ellora's cave) is coming out in print sometime next year.

Maree Anderson's FROM THE ASHES is due for release from Red Sage on Dec.1st.

SUBTLE INVASION by Lyn Crain is out now with Devine Destinies.

Brigader and The Galaxy Express blogger Heather Massey announces her debut novel ONCE UPON A TIME IN SPACE will be released by Red Sage Publishing in March 2011.  Heather has distinguished herself as one of the major voices of SFR for her outstanding posts and discussions that have made her blog a major hub for the subgenre.  Many, many congratulations from the SFR Brigade, Heather! 

Eleni Konstantine has her flash fiction story, "The Bucket",  up on the Antipodean SF site this month.

J.C.Hay's Hearts and Minds just had a lovely review from the RT book blog, which thrilled him to the core. He received a four star review from them. Congratulations, JC! 

Maree Anderson has three books coming out with Red Sage Publishing - FROM THE ASHES in Dec. 2010, SCENT OF A MAN in Feb. 2011, & KAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF in a Red Sage Secrets Vol.30 anthology in June 2011.

Julia Barrett has two new SFR books available on Kindle - Books 3 & 4 of her SFR series, DAUGHTERS OF PERSEPHONE, REBORN and RED DEMON (in one volume) and my futuristic SFR menage, ONE FOUR ALL.

SFR author DL Jackson introduces her shiny new website including a cover unveiling for the soon-to-released SFR/erotica short BUILT TO LAST.

We have a constellation of finalists in the 2010 EPIC Awards. Please congratulate the following Brigaders:
  • Pauline Baird Jones -- GIRL GONE NOVA -- SFR category
  • Julia Rachel Barrett -- CAPTURED WITH SIREN -- SFR Erotica category
  • Robert Appleton -- CHARLIE RUNS RINGS AROUND THE EARTH -- SF novella
And in non-SFR categories:
  • Robert Appleton -- SUNSET ON RAMREE -- Historical Fiction
  • Pauline Baird Jones -- MYSTERY OF THE GREEN MIST -- Short in Anthology
We also have four Brigaders nominated in the 2010 RT Book Reviews Awards for Best Books/Authors! Woohoo!!!

For Best Futuristic Romance of 2010:
  • CLOSE CONTACT - Katherine Allred
  • ENEMY WITHIN - Marcella Burnard
  • REBELS & LOVERS - Linnea Sinclair
For Best Small Press Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic of 2010:
  • GIRL GONE NOVA - Pauline Baird Jones
Over at Kylie Griffin's blog this week...
9th Nov. - "Going on an agent hunt..." (part 2)
12th Nov. - "Interview with...Angela Knight" - NYTimes best-selling paranormal author & author of the Time Guardian series (an SFR of a sort)
15th Nov. - "How good is your opening line?" (part 1) - analyze some practical examples and find out what makes them spark

As a part of Marva Dasef's release day for ULTIMATE DUTY, she'll be participating in a Chat day at Eternal Press. You can join the chat on Sunday, November 7th starting at 11:00AM PST. Marva will be chatting at 1:30 PST. Remember that the we all "fall back" early on the 7th, don't get caught out resetting your clocks!

Brigader A.R. Norris hosts a guest blog by author Vijaya Schartz (also a Brigader) that explains the basis of the fascinating culture in her series:  WHITE TIGER, RED LEOPARD and the just released BLACK JAQUAR.  All are available from Desert Breeze Publishing.

Sharon Lynn Fisher shares contest feedback on her website.  Sharon is a two-time Golden Heart finalist and award winning SFR writer.

Please welcome the following new Brigaders to our ranks:
  • Stephanie Priestley
  • Teagan Rand

Maree Anderson is running a FROM THE ASHES ARC giveaway on her website/blog. It runs from now until 22nd Nov.

"Crossing Genres for Publication" is enlightening and thought provoking read that poses and discusses the question “Lots of people have been saying that SF is dead… [but] you have combined SF with a paranormal element in a contemporary setting… how did you integrate the SF elements into the contemporary story?” over at Ripping Ozzie Reads.

"What Motivates Your Characters?" is a great read over at The Blood-Red Pencil this week.

The SciFiGuy blogs about Cover-Art Coincidences - major bummer for the authors involved to have their book covers looking so similar!


  1. The news for Brigaders grows every week. That's good news in itself.

  2. Wow, so much going on! thanks for the double shout out for Girl Gone Nova! Congrats to everyone!

  3. SFR is kicking some serious ass these days! Congratulations to all the contest finalists!

    Thanks also for covering my own SFR news and especially for your kind words.

    Now I'm heading off to Maree's contest, woot!

  4. Wow, what a great round-up, Kylie. Thanks!

  5. Woo hoo! What a great list! Congrats once again to all!


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