Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cowboys & Aliens, oh my!

Cowboys & Aliens

If having cowboys and aliens in the same film weren't enough, we also get Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Perfection could be achieved if Nathan Fillion at least had a cameo, but I won't push it, so excited am I over this film, due out next summer. Have a peek:


  1. That is SO wrong and yet it looks like so much fun...

  2. This has fanboy/fangirl classic written all over it. Bond, Indy, and the exotic goddess herself (aka Olivia Wilde) in one movie? About cowboys and aliens? AND it's made by Favreau, Howard and Spielberg.

    Good God.

  3. This was filmed just a few miles from where I work, so I was hoping for a glimpse of Harrison Ford on my daily commutes, but no joy.

    The clips look great. Looking forward to this one coming out.

  4. It is a probably a strong testament to my inner dork that when I saw this poster I went "ooooh!" like the aliens from Toy Story when they see The Claw. What can I say? I love me some aliens. And I love me some cowboys. Also, the poster is shiny. :)

  5. The poster *is* shiny. I can't stop looking at it.

    My word verification:
    Wonder if that's what the aliens use in this movie?

  6. Whoa and Damn!

    Between the story line, actors and producers/director, this is what I'd call a total win! I'll be making a special trip into Anchorage to see it on the big screen (no theater in our town), no doubt about it : )

  7. Looks like fun. By the way, any Castle followers? This week's show had Richard (our dearly beloved Nathan) speaking Mandarin to a couple of chinese guys. Beckett asks how he knows Chinese. He said he got it from a TV show he really liked (Firefly, of course). I laughed and my hubs looked at me funny until I explained.

  8. Oh yes, Castle fan here. LOL On the Chinese. I missed that show, I guess.

    I've been thinking about Firefly a lot lately, and how that future evolved from the US and China being the major world powers. It's sure starting to look like Joss Whedon hit that right on the nose.


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