Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday Tag Party for Turkey Day!

I'm a little late this week, sorry to all you early risers. Got caught up in my own writing last night, but since I'm home today for the holiday (hooray!) I have time this morning. Lots of people stop for a moment today to think about what they're thankful for. Me, I'm thankful that I survived my misspent youth, that I have home and family, and that those predatory aliens haven't shown up to devour me yet.

I have a couple of requests this week - so please take a mome
nt and help fellow members out with a few quick tags!

The quick manual if you're a new tagger cadet:
  • Go to the Amazon buy page (I've included the links below)
  • Scroll down to the Tags Customers Associate with this Product header
  • Look for these tags: SFR, Scifi Romance, SF Romance, Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance - please feel free to add any extra tags you feel are appropriate to the work (i.e. Space Opera, Military SF, etc.)
  • Don't forget your SFR Brigade Tag!
  • If the tags are already there, just click on them to add your 'vote'
  • If not, type them into the 'your tags' box to add them (no need to save the page, just type and add)
For a list of past Tag Party books, come on over to the Book Launch and Tag Party Books page. Tagging is always welcome.

Our short, but lively, selection for this week:

Pauline Baird Jones - Tangled in Time

Nancy Brauer (with Vanessa Brooks) - Strange Little Band

Always on watch for YOUR SFR books - new or old releases on Amazon that we haven't featured yet. Though not today - today is all about family and food. If you any suggestions, requests, or demands, send me a message at and I'll add you to the schedule.


  1. thanks for the tagging listing. I went and tagged, too. Had to laugh at Strange Little Band's publisher. Clever!

  2. Thanks for being "on the job" on a holiday, Sandra! And my Leaning Tower of TBR (digital version) continues to grow!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh, nice! I didn't catch that, lol.

    You're very welcome, Pauline - I finally read my first steampunk novel. Don't know what took me so darn long...


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