Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Science Update

Happy Tuesday Brigaders!

All us SF Brigaders know the science is as important as the romance in SFR. In my opinion, where we SFR writers excel at bringing out the human and social elements of the story we also excel at infusing the small details of future technology without nauseating the reader with thesis-like paragraphs and chapters. We're good at the details and the subtle world building of the future. So, today I've got pretty cool stuff on some great Science Updates that have great opportunities in SFR.

First up, bandages that change color to let you know your wound is becoming infected. How cool is this futuristic medical treatment? Expand this and you'll have patches, gauze, and medical tape that indicates...whatever. Maybe even blood pressure, heart rate, healing progress...

Next, the sad news that chocolate is going the way of the dinosaurs. Don't fret, it's not anytime soon but still, it gives pause for thought. When you're writing, what of today's commodities will not be around, in proximity, or evolved into something else? To tell the truth, I haven't really explored this concept in many of my works but it has intrigued by the ideas and will definitely infuse some of this in my next works. Thinking beyond just the fact that a yummy treat will be going away, we need to think of the full implications. Cocoa beans are a commodity ...

Okay, I'm starting to get too excited so I better hurry and get to the most exciting find. What we Sci-Fi geeks have been waiting for...Light bending camouflage. 'Nuff said. Check it out. I'm struck speechless and typeless yet again at this news. There's been work on military flight camouflage but this new metamaterial research is going to open up doors for all kinds of smaller scale ideas and more field battle uses. I imagine a futuristic Patton play. Not just creating a false military site, but hiding our military posts, our men in the field, our ground vehicles, and our small reconnaissance flyers...

For the full article, please feel free to stop by Adventures of a Sci-Fi Writer.


  1. Great info, AR! I love reading about science breakthroughs.

    In one of my WIPs, I have a character that uses a light-manipulating cloak for stealth. It was once critiqued as being "too Harry Potter" for SFR. Not anymore! LOL I love it when science catches up with science fiction. The lines between magic and advanced technology continue to blur.

  2. The chocolate thing makes me want to horde my Hershey bars, but I love the camouflage breakthrough.

  3. Lisa & Mel: I'm glad you like the post.

    Laurie: I had similar responses with my matter generating propulsion system decades ago when it was all about hydrogen and a few straggling nuclear reaction.

    Jennifer: The chocolate news did panic me...I'll appreciate every Hershey Kiss and Reeces Cup from now on.

  4. I think the light-bending camouflage is totally cool. Invisibility becomes reality!
    Chocolate? I hope it never disappears!


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