Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Most SFR-Friendly E-Publisher

Congratulations to CARINA PRESS for being named the

SFR Brigade Most SFR-Friendly E-Publisher! 





Current offerings to readers by Carina Press including Silver Bound by Ella Drake, Gambit by Kim Knox, In Enemy Hands by KS Augustin (all Brigaders), and you can also check out other Science Fiction Romances and Steampunk offerings. 

Recent sales to Carina Press include a debut novel by SFR Brigader Lisa Paitz Spindler!  If you're ready to market your SFR novel, be sure to read the Carina Press submission guidelines.  The guidelines state:

"We publish a majority of romance but are also very interested in and publish women’s fiction, science fiction, fantasy, futuristic, mystery, thrillers, horror, and niches. If you have something new and fresh we would be happy to read your story!"

Science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, futuristic

"Carina Press is keen to acquire manuscripts in this genre, both those that fall within the romance category and those that have only romantic elements or little to no romance. Under this genre, we are also very interested in space opera, cyberpunk and other similar genres and subgenres."

(Emphasis mine).

You can also subscribe to the Carina Press Newsletter to receive information, offers and coupons.


  1. Hate to rain on the parade, but my sale was to Red Sage, not Carina Press.

    The author you're probably thinking of is Diane Dooley, who sold BLUE GALAXY to Carina:

  2. Thank you! We're excited to be thought of as SFR-friendly, as this is a space we've been eager to occupy. We hope to see even more SFR submissions and have more announcements of pending releases in the coming year!

    Angela James
    Executive Editor, Carina Press

  3. Angela, thanks so much for stopping by, and congrats, again, to Carina Press.

  4. Heather, my apologies! I'll go make that correction to the post.


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