Monday, December 27, 2010

Hailing On All Frequencies (for the last time)!

This is my last week of posting Hailing On All Frequencies! Due to time constraints, I'm signing off as chief collater and information gatherer for this weekly round-up.
If any Brigader would like to take over this commission (feel free to use the same format if you like) then please contact Laurie Green and she'll happily let you take your place on the bridge at the communications station.
Thank you to everyone who's sent in information and snippets - it's been a pleasure promoting SFR and our Brigaders!
Kylie Griffin - Comms Officer - signing off...

Merry Christmas, Brigaders, and may 2011 be a year of achieving all your writing goals!

Mel Teshco's latest release is MOON THRALL. Available from Ellora's Cave early next year (date to be confirmed).

Jennifer Leelan and Mima are releasing their anthology BOUND AMONG THE STARS on Dec.20th at Liquid Silver Books.

Mel Teshco's book, ICE-COLD LOVER, has been nominated for a CAPA award in the Paranormal Erotic category. Congratulations, Mel! The Cupid & Psyche Awards are given by The Romance Studio for excellence in romantic and erotic fiction. Results will be announced on Valentine's Day 2011.
The SFR Holiday Blitz has started!
The SFR Brigade will be participating.  The event runs until December 26th with free books to be awarded on December 27th. This is the 2nd annual event and it's bigger and better for 2010, with 15 participating blogs, and over 50 SFR books to be given away by at least 33 participating authors!

Erica Hayes has posted a list of achievements accomplished in "This year, and what I did".
Over at Kylie Griffin's blog this week...
25th Dec. - Christmas is...a time of giving books, of course! 
27th Dec. - Talented Aussie & Kiwi Authors - check out some great authors from Down Under!
30th Dec. - Who's That Girl? Interview - Alli Sinclair - a writer who hails from Oz
1st Jan. - Need a Useful Link or Two? - a smattering of blog articles I found useful in 2010

Angry Robot will be opening their doors to unsolicited manuscripts in the month of March 2011.

And this is what they are looking for:
We’re publishing novels, either standalone or as part of greater series. We’re not looking to publish your novellas, short stories or non-fiction at this time.

All our books are “genre” fiction in one way or another — specifically fantasy, science fiction, horror, and that new catch-all urban or modern fantasy. Those are quite wide-ranging in themselves; we’re looking for all types of sub-genre, so for example, hard SF, space opera, cyberpunk, military SF, alternate future history, future crime, time travel, and more. We have no problem if your book mashes together two or more of these genres; in fact, we practically insist upon it.

Our books will be published in all English-language territories — notably the UK, US and Australia — so we’ll be buying rights to cover all those. If you are only offering rights in one territory, we will not be able to deal with you. We will be able to offer e-book and audio versions as standard too, plus limited edition and multiple physical formats where appropriate. We are not contracting any work-for-hire titles; we offer advances and royalties.

Beyond all of this, what we’re really looking for in your writing is this:
• A “voice”, that comes from…
• Confident writing
• Pacy writing
• Characters that live, have real relationships and emotions, even in extreme situations
• A sense of vision, a rounded universe that lives and breathes
• Clever construction, good plotting, a couple of surprises even for us jaded old read-it-alls
• Heightened experience – an intensity, extremity or just a way of treating plot or situation in a way we’ve not come across before.

Here's the link for details.


  1. You've done such a great job on these posts, Kylie. Hope you'll still pop in with some other posts occasionally.

    Great news for all the Brigaders mentioned! Congrat's and hooray to all!!!

  2. Sorry to see you leave as Comm Officer, Kylie. You've been fantastic at gathering info for the Brigade. I always enjoyed reading your posts.

    So long, and I hope you will continue to post at times.

  3. Thanks for contributing so much of your time for this. Good luck to you (and everyone else here) in 2011. ;-)

  4. Hey, guys, thanks for the good wishes.

    I've loved collating our news and promoting SFRB but unfortunately it's one of the many volunteer things that I now need to cut back on to concentrate on meeting my writing obligations (ie.deadlines). Changing that mind-set has been an interesting process (and it's a whole new story I won't go into *grin*).

    Thanks for all your support and bits of info - it's made HOAF a fun job to do every week!

  5. Kylie, thanks so much for all the time, effort and hard work you've put into these wonderful news installments. Wish the SFR Brigade had a medal to hand out, but we haven't gotten quite that far yet. :)

    Best wishes with your soon to launch career as an author, and I hope you'll keep us posted on your releases and any new developments.

  6. Thanks so much Kylie,
    you've done an *awesome* job at the helm!!
    Wishing you lots of free time to write and a happy New Year =))

  7. You've done a fantastic job Kylie. It's thanks to you that I really know about the SFR Brigade.

    And yes, I so get what you mean about changing the mind-set of volunteering.

    Good luck with your writing!!!!


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