Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Tag Party for 10/28/10!

Chickens have magnetic sensor functions. Just like migratory birds, researchers have found that chickens also have a built-in magnetic sense of direction. Who knew?

If chickens can find their way using magnetic north, we reasoning beings can certainly find our way to Tag some Amazon pag
es (how's THAT for a leap of logic? :) )

We have some wonderful books this week, come join the fun and tag away.

For our new, fuzzy-chick taggers:

  • Go to the Amazon buy page (I've included the links below)
  • Scroll down to the Tags Customers Associate with this Product header
  • Look for these tags: SFR, Scifi Romance, SF Romance, Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance - please feel free to add any extra tags you feel are appropriate to the work (i.e. Space Opera, Military SF, etc.)
  • Don't forget your SFR Brigade Tag!
  • If the tags are already there, just click on them to add your 'vote'
  • If not, type them into the 'your tags' box to add them (no need to save the page, just type and add)
For a list of past Tag Party books, come on over to the Book Launch and Tag Party Books page. Tagging is always welcome.

Sugar Rush by Kimber An

Just My Luck by Gail Koger

Do you have an SF book out on Amazon, old or new, that we haven't featured yet? Know an SFRB member who does? You cracked the DaVinci code and Dan Brown got it all wrong? Send me a message at and I'll add you to the schedule.


  1. Done--and my sincere thanks to all who stop by Amazon today and tag PANDORA'S HOPE.

  2. Almost done. But I have to ask Kimber, do you know who the young lady is on your cover? Every time I see her I think how she looks exactly like the young lady playing in Doctor Who now, Karen Gillan.

    She did do some modeling from what I've heard. Wouldn't it be fun to find out she's the cover model?

    Anyway, maybe it's just me who thinks that would be interesting.

  3. Done. I'll have a Book Tag Report Card to post soon to show some of the results of our tagging.

    Sandra, thanks for putting together another great line-up.

  4. Thank you everyone who tags!

    And Anna - I think it would be cool to know. It's kinda sad. We so often get our models from stock footage sites and companies and most of the time don't know the models names. :(


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