Sunday, October 24, 2010

How About a Cover Art Contest?

Recently, Heather Massey at The Galaxy Express posted a thought-provoking article titled Caught in the Cover Crossfire: ENEMY GAMES by Marcella Burnard where she raised the question if the cover implied the novel was SF or Urban Fantasy.

We've seen a lot of discussion over SFR-less SFR covers or the branding of SFRs with covers that effectively suggest ROMANCE or FANTASY more than SFR. This has inspired many questions.

"Shouldn't SFR look like SFR?"

"Are publishers afraid SFR elements on the cover will scare off potential readers?"

"Isn't a non-SFR cover on a decidedly SFR novel akin to bait and switch?"

Here's our chance to make a statement as a group devoted to SFR. Should we sponsor a SFR Brigade Inaugural Cover Art Contest to select the best SFR-themed cover in the universe?  Your response to the poll below will tell us if this is an activity that Brigaders would be interested in.


  1. I think it's a good idea. Of course, my SFR cover is very science fictiony AND shows some hot guys. I'm in.

  2. Great example, Marva!

    I think part of the fun would be to see all the unique ways that SFR elements are portrayed in the nominated covers.

  3. Thanks, Lisa! I think it would be fun too.

    I was thinking we could make this contest for all years, and follow up with a contest only for 2010 titles in the spring? But that's just one idea.

  4. Thanks for the linkage!

    Sounds like a kewl idea, if for no other reason than to show SFR some cover lovin'!

  5. Thanks for stopping by to comment, Heather. Yup, I think the subgenre has some great covers that we should take this opportunity to showcase. :)

  6. OK, we're getting there but we need to see more support for this idea in the voting.

    C'mon Brigaders, do you want to see a SFR cover contest? Please vote now!

  7. I think I'm getting senile - is there a poll up somewhere? It's a lovely idea...

  8. *sheepish foot shuffling* Never mind, I found it. My son installed this cool NoScript thing to keep me safer from viruses... but I have to "allow" things like polls as they come up

  9. Glad you found it, Sandra.

    We're still lacking a few more votes to show adequate support for the cover art contest.

    Please vote. :)

  10. Voted, altho it seems I'm somewhat late! I have to say the cover for my upcoming sfr isn't very scifi - but then, the main character gets thrown from a medieval style world into a future one, so I guess it shows his origins more. Would the contest be for covers from any author - ie trad and self-published?


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