Friday, October 22, 2010

Sound Off on Piracy and Copyright Infringement is sponsoring a poll with comments in regards to S. 3804, The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act. Many authors have chimed in explaining the impact of piracy on their ability to make a living.

Some feel S. 3804 will help eliminate e-book piracy on web sites, while others feel it's a step toward censorship. Do you have an opinion?


  1. Yesterday voters who were AGAINST this bill far outnumbered those FOR it. Then the authors started chiming in and now the numbers have flipped, with FOR voters way in the lead now.

    Worth a look if you're a current or pre-published author.

  2. The authors have really made an impact now, moving the FOR votes into the 60s and leaving the AGAINST voters behind in the 30 percentile range.

    I see we have at least a couple of Brigaders who posted comments. Thanks for stepping up to the plate.

    Piracy of intellectual property is not only wrong, it's a threat to writers' futures and even to the future of the industry as a whole.


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