Friday, October 1, 2010

ENEMY WITHIN by Marcella Burnard RT Top Pick!!

Congratulations, Marcella!

"Burnard does a stellar job with the action and pacing as she gives life to her characters. Futuristic romance just got a major infusion of talent"! Jill Smith, RT. 


  1. Woohoo, Marcella! Way to go! An RT Top Pick is something to be excited about.

  2. Awesome! Way to go, Marcella. Congratulations.

  3. Yeah, I read that earlier this week. Very very cool. Way to go, Marcella!

  4. Awesome, Marcella! Way to go to bring attetion to this genre!!

  5. Thank you! The first I heard of it, a local chapter mate sent me a Facebook message congratulating me on a great review...I was in the middle of rewrites and stared at the message for several seconds before wondering, "What review?" Once I'd seen it, the heart palpatations began. :D All I can say is Wow. I'm stunned. Thank you for the kind congrats.


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