Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tagging Results

Every week Sandra Stixrude puts up a new list of Brigaders' novels to tag on Amazon in our weekly Book Tagging Party.  But what sort of impact is it having, and how are we doing so far?  (Placings are subject to change according to current number of tags.)

Let's take a look at the top five books in several categories.

1.  Nexus Point (paperback) -- Jaleta Clegg [Brigader]  51 tags
2.  Mating Net (Kindle) -- Rowena Cherry [Not a Brigader]  34 tags
3.  Girl Gone Nova (Kindle) -- Pauline Baird Jones [Brigader]  24 tags
4.  Taking Liberty (Kindle) -- Jodi Redford [Brigader]  21 tags
5.  ** Product no longer available**
6.  Rebels and Lovers (Kindle) -- Linnea Sinclair [Brigader]  19 tags
Top taggers -- Anna McLain, Heather Massey, Laurie G., Rowena Cherry

Sci-Fi Romance
1.  Courtesan (Kindle) -- D.A. Boulter [Not a Brigader]  125 tags
2.  Insufficient Mating Material (Paperback) -- Rowena Cherry [Not a Brigader] 105 tags
3.  Nexus Point (paperback) -- Jaleta Clegg [Brigader]  40 tags
4.  Cherished Invader (Kindle) -- Samantha Gail [Brigader]  37 tags
5.  Grimspace (paperback) -- Ann Aguirre [Not a Brigader]  33 tags
Top Taggers -- Anna McLain, Laurie G., J. Wallace, Heather Massey (All Brigaders)

Science Fiction Romance 
1.  Forced Mate (paperback) -- Rowena Cherry [Not a Brigader]  113 tags
2.  Insufficient Mating Material (paperback) -- Rowena Cherry [Not a Brigader]  112 tags
3.  Rogue Huner: Quest of the Hunter (Kindle) -- Kevis Hendrickson [Not a Brigader]  92 tags
4.  When Angels Cry (Kindle) -- Melanie Mills [Not a Brigader]  76 tags
5.  Call of Destiny (Paperback) -- Robert Wagoner [Not a Brigader]  72 tags
Top taggers -- Anna McLain, Brian "Andrea" Davis, Rowena Cherry, Heather Massey

SF Romance
1.  Nexus Point (paperback) -- Jaleta Clegg [Brigader]  47 tags
2.  Girl Gone Nova (Kindle) -- Pauline Baird Jones [Brigader]  16 tags
3.  **Product no longer available**
4.  Song of Scarrabeaus (paperback) -- Sara Creasy [Brigader]  14 tags
5.  Blaze of Glory (Kindle) -- Sheryl Nantus [Brigader]  14 tags
Top taggers -- Laurie G., Anna McLain, J. Wallace, Jaleta Clegg (All Brigaders)

SFR Brigade
1.  Nexus Point -- Jaleta Clegg  13 tags  (Clearly Jaleta's novel has acquired a huge following of taggers!)
2.  Enemy Within -- Marcella Burnard  6 tags 
3,  Secrets Vol 2 -- Calista Fox  5 tags
4.  Romenel - Obligations of Blood -- Sandra Stixrude  5 tags
5.  Romancing the Alien -- Shelley Munro   4 tags
Top taggers -- Laurie G., J. Wallace, Pauline Baird Jones, Anna McLain  (All Brigaders)

All in all, a very good showing for Brigaders and their books.  :)  Jaleta Clegg's Nexus Point is clearly our tag champion, and Anna McLain is our tagger extraordinaire.

We have some work to do for books tagged Science Fiction Romance, but every Tagging Party we sponsor helps move Brigaders' books up the list.

Thanks to everyone who participates!  :)


  1. Wow, we are having some impact! that's cool! IWOFA also does tagging runs.

  2. I'm on three or four different tagging groups. It all adds up. It's nice to know that my book is doing so well. Thanks for the tags!

  3. Oh, excellent! It's nice to know the work pays off. Thanks, Laurie for putting this together!

  4. It was a fun list to put together and I was so pleased at how well our SFR Brigaders books placed.

    Jaleta, it looks like your involvement with tagging books has really paid off big time!

    Hats off to Sandra Stixrude for helping get us there with the great job she's done hosting our weekly Tagging Party event!

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  6. Let me try that again. Those of you going out every week and tagging - thank you. I can't thank you enough.

  7. Cool. I had no idea the tagging was working so well. Also didn't know you could see who tagged what. Interesting.


    So, tagging is a viable means of promotion then.


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