Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Online Auction and Promotion Opportunity

I'd like to put forward an idea for members of the SFR Brigade. The Brenda Novak Online Auction for Diabetes Research takes place each May and accepts a wide variety of donations.

Last year there were books, critiques, vacations, jewelry, breakfasts, lunches or dinners with authors, agents, and editors, and even a mentorship contest. I bid on several items last year including artwork, books, posters, even a trip to Africa, and won a breakfast with RITA finalist Colleen Thompson and best-selling author Sharon Sala at RWA which was amazing. If you aren't familiar with the auction, you can browse a few of the items already submitted here:  Brenda Novak Auction

The 2011 event might be a great opportunity for our authors to promote their books, and readers or aspiring authors to promote SFR in general.  If we get enough interest from members who'd like to participate, we could look in to sponsoring a section on behalf of the Brigade with SFR related items...or not. Here's the page on how to Get Involved.

This is a wonderful cause. It has raised over $1 million for diabetes research to date! It could also be a great promotion for you, your book(s) or SFR in general.  Are you interested?


  1. I'm in. Dunno what with just yet - but I'd certainly throw in book(s) and a first three chapter critique at the very least. It would be fun to do it as a group, but if people prefer to make individual offerings via Brenda's site, I'll do that, too.

  2. I'd be happy to participate, too. Just wasn't sure I'm famous enough for anyone to care. LOL!

  3. Great, we've got a start with two terrific authors. Very exciting! I'd like to do a group offering, too. Let's see who else is interested.

  4. I'm game! Not sure what I can throw in at the moment but I'm definitely interested. :-)

  5. Great, Rae! With three others who are interested but didn't comment here, I think we have a good start on a group selection.

    I'll gather more information and post more soon.


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