Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Lords of Space...

or A Hard Man is Good to Find

Either way I love a man in a military uniform.  There is something about the way the clothes hug his strong form creating an air of dignity and quiet strength.

See the words Navy Diver on the rim of his underwear?
Yep he's military!
No disrespect to the women who serve as well.  But when I fantasize, I tend to be the only female in the picture.  Still, I digress. For me, a strong alpha hero man in military uniform is like Adonis in space, his beauty will both allure and capture your heart.  That's probably why I write Military Scifi Romance.  Military Scifi Romance is so nichey that it would barely cover an eighth of a page on search at Amazon.  And when I was invited to join the SFR Brigade, I knew I had found my home.  I love it not only for its obvious military overtones but here we writers of this small yet potent subgenre are appreciated for who we are-- true lovers of science fiction.

Military fiction, once the bastion of male writers such as W.E.B. Griffin and Tom Clancy, now enjoy a feminine touch with equally strong characters and engaging plot lines by such notables as Suzanne Brockmann and Marliss Melton- who tend to lean towards what many publishers categorize as Romantic Suspense or what I call Military Romance novels.

Still we can't forget about authors who write specifically in this subgenre like fellow brigade members Linnea Sinclair and D.L. Jackson.  Their novels prove to me that I am not alone in my obsession.

Speaking of which, though I've never served (a stint in ROTC in high school doesn't count), it's always hard not to include some aspect of military life in my fiction.  It doesn't mean all of my stories have soldiers in it, it just means when it fits I let my inner commando shine through.

For example in my book, Kybernatia- Gabrielle Burle, project manager for the development of the planet, was forced out of her job under a veil of secrecy.  In the course of her investigation she discovers one man connected to that same planet was forced out of his job as well.  Determined to discover the truth, she seeks out that man who has since abandoned that life for a quieter one in the midwest.

Okay so where does the military come in you ask?  That's a surprise but I can give you a sneak peek to sort of whet your appetite.

An Excerpt from 'Kybernatia'

The Mark One Investigation and Discovery Vessel pulled slowly into high orbit around Monoceros 4.>   After two days’ journey from her central post, arrived with a full complement of instruments and crew ready to perform a non-invasive survey of the planet and its people.

“Sir,” the specialist said, turning to face the Captain.

“Yes?” Captain Alley Ferrato stood rigid, overlooking her post at the center console on the bridge.
“We are in orbit around Monoceros 4.”

“Very well. Maintain course and begin shipboard scans.”

“Aye aye, ma’am.”

“Open forward shields,” Alley ordered.

The blast shields at the front of the bridge opened up, exposing a brilliant golden-brown planet.

“Release forward probes,” Alley said to the science officer as she took in the magnificent view.
“Releasing forward probes.”

As the probes dashed out toward the planet, they immediately began to send back information.

“Status report?” asked Alley, sitting down in her chair. This was always her favorite part of any mission, the capture of information for knowledge’s sake.

“All scans are coming back normal, Captain. This is an Earth-like planet.”

“Very well. Transfer probes to low orbit and send one out to scan their closest settlement.”

“Aye, sir. Probes are altering position,” the science officer said as she tapped the screen at her station.

Suddenly, her eyes grew wide.  She bolted upright. “Captain, I think you need to come see this,” she said as she stared into the view scanner at her station.

Walking over to the panel, Alley forced herself to take her eyes off of the brilliant planet.  “What is it?”

“You’re not going to believe this,” she said, pointing to the data on the screen.

“My God.”

End Excerpt...

Okay so there were no hotties in this peek but I did give you military!  If you would like to read more...

Kybernatia is available now at Decadent Publishing and


Clare Dargin is an author who lives in the midwest with her family.  She loves gardening, animals of all sorts and comic cons.  She writes all the time and loves hearing from fans, friends and admirers.  The re-release of her first Military Scifi Romance, “Cold Warriors” will be available soon from Decadent Publishing.

You can find her on the web at

Also her work Speculative Sky is now available in print at Amazon


  1. Ah, a woman after my own heart. A man in a dress uniform. Drool. All my own SFR titles have those, and it's one way to raise a bit of interest from me. Remember 'An Officer and a Gentleman' or (even further back) Robert Redforn in 'The Way we Were'. Yum.

  2. Great post, Clare, and I'm with you. All my SFRs have military elements. There's something about the honor, discipline and tradition of the military that appeals to me. (Not to mention the fact I've lived and breathed the military for over 17 years.)

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  4. Thank you all for the great comments! I loved An Officer and a Gentleman. It was my fave military movie for years!

    I am so glad I am not alone in my love for Military in SFR!

  5. Men in uniform. I've always had a thing for them. Add some sci-fi and *sigh* those are some of the sexiest guys in the galaxy. I must have watched 'Top Gun' over 20 times, fell in love with Capt. Picard for more years than I can remember. Oh and Colonel Jack O'Neill of Stargate: SG1... yummo! My current obsession is Cmdr. John Sheppard from the Mass Effect game series. He's a hard man for sure while he's busy saving the galaxy.

    Once my current military romance series is complete, I plan to add the sci-fi flavor to my next one. So glad to find another kindred spirit. Thanks for this post!


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