Monday, June 11, 2012

Catching Up on the Universe

Yeah, so I was a few years late to the game and only watched the final episode of Stargate: Universe last night. While I did follow the series while it was on, I missed the last season because of work scheduling conflicts and a broken DVR. I'll admit, after seeing it, I'm torn. I read some reviews of that episode as being "bittersweet." Others railed at the heavens and Gods of Broadcasting for daring to cancel a gritty sci-fi show that was clearly gaining both steam and momentum. I agree. The franchise was solid. And even though, this particular title did not have the same campy, often laugh-inducing feel as SG-1 and Atlantis, it was a very well written and produced show worthy of further exploration. I felt the same way when the re-envisioned remix of Battlestar Galactica went off the air. It makes me want to ask why. While I love the campy shows (I'm a loyal devotee to Eureka), I long for the darker series where the characters are often sweaty, dirty and ready to turn on each other at a moment's notice. As far as I'm concerned, Stargate: Universe had all that and then some. The cast had tremendous chemistry, the plot lines were interesting (they had me at wormhole and multi-verses)and it was already part of a familiar world-building rubric. So, why do networks make decisions they know are going to be unpopular with their viewers? Did they need the air time for another Sharkasaurus v. Crabocoulous? I don't know...but it upsets me to think that might be it. Or is it that they don't believe their audiences can handle intelligent programming? I'd hate to think that's the reason because it would really stick in my craw. My only hope is that one day the cast will reunite for a movie and all the questions left hanging will be answered. A geek girl can dream. -Kathleen Scott


  1. I do not know what is going on with Syfy (stupid name!) at all. They seem to be removing ALL SF programming and replacing it with AWFUL stuff. Seriously, we watched that shark vs the giant croc on saturday LAUGHING so hard at how stupid it was and how bad the CGI was. It was totally ready for Mystery Science Theater 3000. And it was filmed LAST YEAR. So I think that thinking is NOT happening there. At all. Eureka is on last season now. Not sure what is happening with Warehouse 13. But can only conclude that changing the name meant losing anything SF.

    and yeah, the ending sucks. dead toads. (because you know they'll sleep forever!)

  2. REAL science fiction is no longer part of the Sci-Fi Channel's "branding". Hence the name change a few years ago to SyFy. (stupid name indeed!)

    They lost me as a loyal viewer after the bone-headed decision to cancel Farscape by the new VP of programming at the time, Bonnie something-or-other. Ticked off my whole family. Farscape was the highlight of our week for four years. Declining viewership she said. All her fault too because she kept moving it around and not advertising what night and time it was coming on, until an hour before it came on!

    Yes, I'm still bitter about it, nearly ten years later. I'm so glad the whole show is on Netflix and I can now indulge whenever I want.


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