Thursday, June 14, 2012

RT Book Reviews Blog Features Erotic Sci-Fi Romances

I'm cross-posting this news from The Galaxy Express:

Can you hear that galactic sizzling? The RT Book Reviews blog is spotlighting a number of spicy futuristic romances in Spruce Up Your TBR Pile: Futuristic Eroticas!

I had an opportunity to contribute my thoughts about why these hot cosmic tales appeal to readers, so I invite you to check out the article and expose yourself (heh!) to a few new reads in the process. Happy reading!


  1. And I'm on there! How fricking cool is that? *cabbagepatching*

  2. Very cool, indeed! I had a seriously hard time reigning myself in regarding titles and unfortunately they couldn't use all that I provided. BUT I knew that RT would have things covered either way!

  3. Cool Jen!

    I saw a few other Brigaders in there too. Intriguing line up!

  4. Thanks a bunch for including us on the list, Heather.


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