Sunday, June 3, 2012

Notice to New SFR Brigaders (or Those Wishing to Join)

We're trying to streamline the process to add new members to our roster, so if you're new to the SFR Brigade and aren't yet listed on the Brigade Roster at left, please go to the SFR Brigade Facebook Group Page and look for the Files (see links at top) that says "Add Me to the Brigade Roster."
Then just type in your name as you'd like it to appear and include a full address for the web site or blog you'd like linked to your name. We'll get you added to the roster asap. (Names are alphabeticized by first name.)

(If you're not a member of Facebook, please add the information in the comments below.)


  1. I went on the facebook page and it made me send a join group request, which I did. I'm a new member. Debra A. Soles and my site is-

  2. Welcome to the Brigade, Debra! Glad to have you aboard.

    Your name and link have been added to the roster at left. Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. I nominated this blog for a Liebster Blogging Award. Please view my blog post for details:


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