Monday, February 20, 2012

KICKING ASHE Starting to Release! (First Sighting!)

With hearts and lives on the line, a kiss may be all they have time for...

Time has dumped Ashe on a dying planet and she needs to figure out why before she ceased to exist. Or gets vivisected by some Keltinarian scientists. Or worse. 

Vidor Shan might help--since someone somewhere is trying to hose him, too--if she can convince him to trust her. Probably shouldn't have told him that only someone he trusts can betray him. Also wouldn't mind if he kissed her on the mouth.

Vid would love to kiss the girl, but his brother is lost, he's got hostile aliens on his tail, and the stench of betrayal all around him. Can he trust the woman who told him to trust no one?

Then a time quake hurls them into a nasty somewhere and some when....

Just spotted at All Romance eBooks/Omnilit in epub and mobi!

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