Monday, February 20, 2012

Science Fiction Romance Brigade on Facebook

To clear up any confusion about our Facebook presence as a group, here's the low down:

This is the closed group page (meaning only other members can see it) where you can post to other SFR authors about things that might interest them--posts or links to blogs about SFR or writing-related topics, links to articles they may want to read, questions to your fellow writers, promotion or strategy ideas, good news, etc. Think of it like our 'SFR Brigade group huddle.'  

Note: The older version of our SFR Brigade Group Page will be closed as of March 1st, so if you're still on the older page, be sure to migrate over to the new Science Fiction Romance Brigade Group Page soon.  The link to the older page has been removed from the sidebar at right.

This is the page that's open to the world where you can shout out about your new releases, coming titles, cover art, awards, contest wins and finals, reviews, blog posts or anything that may interest readers and fans. Think of it as our 'SFR Brigade global bulletin board.' Please "LIKE" this page.

Both links are also available under the Facebook icon on the right sidebar. > > > > >

If you have any questions, comments or need further clarification, please comment below.


  1. Hello! Okay, I think I have it straight. I just asked to join the group page. My facebook page is 'Kyndra Lita Hatch.' Thank you!

  2. Welcome, Kyndra! Glad to have you aboard.


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