Monday, February 6, 2012

Science Fiction Romance Fanpage on Facebook

Our Facebook fanpage is blasting off with 91 "Likes" so far.

Pauline Baird Jones has issued a challenge to fellow members and fans of SFR:

Let's see if we can get over a hundred LIKES by the end of the day! 

Please also consider promoting our fanpage on your personal or author pages by sharing posts, etc.

Just to clarify, this is a separate Facebook entity from our two Group pages. Here's what the fanpage is all about:

Please post your publicity (including giveaways, new releases, book trailers, reviews, blog tours, etc.) Anything that would appeal to readers should go there. (Anything that appeals to writers should go on our Group page/s.)

Click here to check it out.

Links to our fanpage and both groups are also posted on the sidebar under the Facebook icon. -->


  1. I posted this to my book page, but since 99% of my friends on FB are already in the Brigade and/or fans of the page I'm not sure posting it to my profile as well is going to help much. :(

  2. Pippa, I bet it will help. Not all members are aware of the fanpage, plus it's open for readers to LIKE, too.

  3. Mission accomplished! Thanks everyone.

  4. that's so great! now we need to get 200. (grin)

  5. LOL We may need *slightly* longer, Pauline, but something to work toward.


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